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Learn how to bring together best-in-class data, commerce, and personalization capabilities

Integrated Commerce Network

The challenge

When it comes to delivering differentiated omni-channel customer experiences, businesses have come a long way - even in the face of growing competition and rising customer expectations. Yet, several nagging issues persist, making it difficult to create a flexible foundation for future innovation and reach time to value quickly.

Legacy monolithic tech stacks are preventing mature commerce organizations from releasing new features at pace - and slow means costly.

Newer organizations want a modern architecture, but don’t have the maturity to manage and execute on a composable stack.

Both types of organizations are also facing these challenges:

  • Unclear CX strategies, including inability to reach consensus on defining CX and how to improve it
  • Siloed information in terms of collecting, managing, and storing customer data
  • Confusing procurement choices and integration path for modern commerce solutions

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Our approach

Integrated Commerce Network

Now is the time for data-driven commerce transformation, and Kin + Carta is leading the way. The Integrated Commerce Network (ICN) brings together our 20+ years of experience in retail and commerce with three best-in-class marketing, commerce, and digital experience analytics solutions - powered by Google Cloud - to make it much easier for you to build an end-to-end solution to support growth and innovation with commerce.

The ICN is comprised of these digital commerce partners:

commercetools, a robust and flexible foundation with unlimited scalability that supports all commerce operations. It offers all the components you need to build and run shopping experiences across all digital and physical touchpoints, and adapt to changing market dynamics and customer preferences.

Bloomreach, an Al-power e-commerce personalization platform that includes a marketing automation solution enabled by BigQuery, Google Cloud’s serverless data warehouse. The Bloomreach customer data engine seamlessly integrates with the Google Cloud partner ecosystem to help you create engaging experiences for your customers and increase conversion rates.

Quantum Metric, a customer-centered digital analytics platform that provides a simplified approach to monitor, diagnose, and optimize the digital journeys that matter most. The Quantum Metric platform offers in depth customer understanding, quantified and tied to core business objectives.

Our technical Commerce Accelerator is designed to enable rapid deployment, facilitate data analysis in BigQuery, and accelerate your time to value in implementing a modern commerce solution delivered with the ICN. The Accelerator comprises four main components:

  1. A sample storefront built upon the VSF React storefront leveraging Quantum Metric Analytics, Bloomreach CMS and Engagement, and commercetools.
  2. Bring together and/or create the connectors between Bloomreach, Quantum Metric, commercetools, and Google BigQuery that enable client data analysis.
  3. CDP-accessible datasets in BigQuery, enabling development of extensible ML and GenAI use-case.
  4. Access to curated datasets for GenAI to accurately correlate discovery and content creation.
Integrated Commerce Network partners: logos from Google Cloud, commercetools, Bloomreach and Quantum Metric


  • Gain an understanding of how to incorporate multiple best-in-class solutions into a composable yet tightly integrated whole
  • Harness the power of data, design, and technology to create intelligent customer experiences
  • Boost customer personalization, loyalty, and advocacy
  • Increase profitability and achieve fast time to value through rapid deployment and data-driven insights

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