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The great yearly experiment


Higher yields, lower costs

From seed manufacturing and machinery, to co-ops, distribution and animal sciences, anyone working in the agriculture industry is navigating widely different challenges yet all towards a common goal: Higher yields, lower costs. Our teams have learned those challenges intimately, amassing decades of combined experience helping agriculture businesses serve their customers, grow their business, and navigate the uncertainty inherent to agriculture with confidence.

Hands-on experience

Economic uncertainty means your digital strategy must be Agile in practice, not just on paper. If your business invested in building intelligent machinery, you’ve likely gotten great at harvesting data, but less great at actually maximizing its value. You need precise metrics, informed decisions, customer-focused products, and an efficient team with skill sets as diverse as the challenges you’re facing.

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Build smarter. Grow faster.

Here's how we're equipped to help:

Digital product development

Combining human-centered sustainable design, rapid iterative testing and world-class software engineering, we equip your business with products and experiences that help you do more with less.

UX research

Innovation starts with empathy. Our experience working with agriculture businesses has always been powered by deep user research, customer-centric design and a relentless curiosity about the problems growers face, led by our customer experience experts.


As the sales cycle moves further into the digital realm, we build eCommerce solutions that keep your customers satisfied and your sales teams focused on high-value tasks.


Harvesting new data is just the beginning. Including intelligent yield estimation, predictive maintenance analytics and real-time dashboards, we help you turn weeks into seconds and insight into action by implementing data management design into everyday devices.

Enterprise modernization

Evolving the legacy technology at the heart of agriculture has never been more critical. As disruptive new technologies threaten to destabilize old ways of working, we work alongside you to build a more nimble and future-focused foundation.

Kin + Carta in The Forrester Wave™: Modern Application Development, Q3 2022

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A proven agriculture partner

As digital grows its foothold in the agriculture world, we’re working with global leaders to develop products, plans, and processes that yield tangible value.
Land O Lakes
S2G Ventures
US Department of Agriculture
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Our triple bottom line

As one of the world’s first publicly traded B Corp organizations, we’re balancing people, planet and profit to help shape a world that works better for generations to come.

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We envisioned the Pioneer Seeds app that would bring together machine learning algorithms, advanced vision technology, and more to automate the process of counting kernels and improve intelligence surrounding crop health and yield. We needed the right minds working together to make this a reality.

Jeremy Groeteke - U.S. Digital Ag Lead, Corteva Agriscience

Our team

Meet our agriculture experts.
Scott Hermes
John Sullivan
Nate Chang
Cecilia Alvaro

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