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Data + AI

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Create human-centered, data products that unlock the potential of enterprise data

The rate of data creation continues to grow exponentially. Many organizations are both struggling to unlock the power of their data and to create a data-driven culture. At Kin + Carta, we enable you to treat data as a product. To do this, we use a digital product mindset where we identify the fastest path to value, while co-creating outcome-driven data products. Our differentiated approach will change your organizational relationship with data.

Underpinning this are our expert consultants, who also focus on responsible data and AI. Our B-Corp values permeate our teams, and it shows as we look to make the world work better for everyone.

Unleash and optimize the full value of your data

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Taking you from data to decisions

Treating data as a product has the power to take you from storage to story by turning fragmented, inaccessible data into insights that drive decision making.

Our Data and AI solutions

At Kin + Carta, we meet you where you are, and can engage at any point in your data journey. It’s our unique ability to blend strategy and execution, seamlessly, and we are unbounded by data to deliver value across our solutions.

Center of Excellence

Build new centralized capabilities to bring together data assets to enable federated value creation across the enterprise.

Data strategy

Align your data strategy to your organizational vision by understanding the areas of opportunity for your organization based on its strengths and legacy and develop processes to achieve new value through efficiency and growth. Move from value concepts to value realization through an incremental approach.

Data platforms

Design the foundational infrastructure to enable the next phase of growth for your organization through service based architecture that enables extensibility over time, and modernize legacy systems without disruption to primary business activities.

Data products

Unlock the data potential through a reusable approach to build and deploy experiences for your employees and customers and incrementally add value based on fully packaged solutions that align to key value propositions.

Insights and AI

Advance from reporting history through analytics and BI towards prediction and prescription through machine learning and artificial intelligence-enabled solutions. Using Octain™ immediately assess the value of existing data assets and future opportunities for AI modeling for your key business needs. 

Build and execute your data strategy now

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Our partners

We leverage our network of trusted partners to scale, accelerate and amplify outcomes for our clients, bringing together product, technology and data to help you drive better experiences.
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