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Data + AI

Reduce your data anxiety

Trust your data and fix the foundations to unlock value

Businesses are collecting more data but there is tension around access, use, governance and ultimately value.

To unlock the value of data, you need to start with a strong data foundation. This will enable you to build trust in the quality of your data, which will in turn accurately inform new products and services, and empower your business to become data-driven.

At Kin + Carta, we'll help you get your data house in order. We'll partner with you to craft the right data strategy and arm you with an expert team to take you through your data maturity journey. 

This is how we'll help you own your data and technology future.

Good data in, good data out. Unlock the value of data

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Own your data future

Turn fragmented, inaccessible data into insights that drive business outcomes.

Our Data and AI solutions

Data Foundations

Poor data foundations undermine trust in data and lead to unrealized value. We can help you uncover and cleanse the information that’s needed to fuel your success. Octain™, our industry-leading AIaaS platform, provides advanced capabilities to understand and cleanse your data, then generate predictions and recommendations to match priorities.

Analytics & Insights

Put data in the hands of your decision-makers with a reporting suite that drives self-service and actionability. We can help you find the signal in the noise to reveal key insights that move your business forward.

Data COE & Enablement

Supercharge your data, AI and analytics capabilities with a centralized execution model. Increase throughput, speed to decision-making and automation, add new capabilities and improve your stakeholder satisfaction. We can help you build process efficiencies, quality assurance, and raise the bar of what your team can deliver.

Data Products

Build custom data products tailored to your business use case. We can help you give stakeholders the competitive edge they need to optimize their business domains. Everything is developed in your environment in a way that’s flexible and scalable while adhering to your standards and requirements.

AI & Machine Learning

Make smarter decisions automatically, personalize customer experiences and optimize operations with AI tech applied strategically to the places it matters most. We’ll help you invest in the tech that makes the difference.

Let's partner to craft the right data strategy for you

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Use data to leapfrog your peers, not just catch up

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Our partners

We leverage our network of trusted partners to scale, accelerate and amplify outcomes for our clients, bringing together product, technology and data to help you drive better experiences.
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