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Building Retail Experiences for the 2020s

Building retail experiences for the future


Consumers are demanding next generation experiences

Consumers' expectations for speed, engagement and reliability are being raised every day. By combining deep customer insight, sector expertise and divergent technology-inspired thinking, our teams at Kin + Carta help you exceed those expectations by reimagining and rebuilding your customer's experience.

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Transform your customer experience

Using our customer experience-driven development (CXDD) framework, we will work with you to redesign, build and implement a customer journey that is centered around a seamless, convenient, personalized, and sustainable customer experience.

Drive digital growth through agile business strategies

Our team of retail digital experts work with you to develop a clear digital investment plan to deliver momentum-building returns in the near-term, and confidence in your longer-term digital strategic horizon.

Establish operational excellence through agile operating models

Just as strategy moves at the speed of life, your company’s operational capabilities must evolve in a rapid fashion. Leveraging our agile principles, we design and implement operational and organizational capabilities in sprints, therefore, in a faster and more efficient manner. We start with the most critical activities and continue to build on the foundation to accelerate change.

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State of Omnichannel 2023 report

Explore UK and US consumer experiences and find out why personalization and data are key to building a successful omnichannel approach.

Our research found that shoppers everywhere feel let down by disconnected retail experiences and uncovers huge opportunities for retailers to increase consumer loyalty and revenue.

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We are a strategic partner around the globe

Building digital experiences for the world's leading retail, e-commerce and FMCG companies.
ABC Supply
Royal Caribbean
The Works

Kin + Carta has worked with us to launch something special in the space of just a few days. They have truly been an extension of our (remote!) team and their consideration of journeys, messages and channel first thinking across the digital ecosystem has really brought everything together resulting in a truly integrated and well executed campaign across all of our digital channels.

Jordan McDowell - Lead Digital Marketing Manager, Co-op

Our retail experts

Meet our retail and digital growth experts

We are here to help you navigate these challenging times

Our free offering includes:

Zoom chats with experts - share learnings and best practice, get advice on specific challenges and work with us to formulate your response strategy. 

Facilitate a remote workshop
 - to maximize your strategic planning, support design prototyping, embed agile ways of working, or kick off a project.

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