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Financial services offices

Building the financial services of tomorrow

Financial services

New tech disruptors are reshaping financial services in real-time

At Kin + Carta, we help financial services firms set the pace of their industry. By combining distinct specialisms into a unified agile approach, we help financial services firms transform their customers’ experience and drive serious growth in the process.

Make Speed-to-Value Happen

Here's how we help our financial services clients create sustainable growth:

Develop and apply agile business strategies

Our team of financial services experts work alongside your team to develop a clear digital investment plan to deliver both momentum-building short-term returns, along with long-term solutions focused on sustainable growth.

Re-Imagine your customer experiences

After a comprehensive analysis of your current customer experience (CX), we work with you to design, build and implement a new customer journey from the ground up.

Build and launch new digital products and services

Leveraging key growth opportunities identified along the way, we design, build and launch new innovative products and services to better connect and engage with your customers and employees.

From Batch to Real-Time: The New Era of Speed in Banking

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A trusted partner around the globe

Building seamless digital experiences for the world’s leading financial services, banking, wealth management and insurance firms.
Country Financial

We teamed up with Kin + Carta, known for their mobile expertise and hands-on approach, to refine and validate our key hypotheses for the UK market. Working out of London and Amsterdam enabled us to prototype quickly, and connect customer feedback loops. As a result, we have together created a strong foundation based on core values and ambitions of Yolt.

Frank Jan Risseeuw, Head of Yolt
Replatform and modernize financial services

Reshaping financial services in real-time

As the world becomes more digital, capitalizing on omni-channel opportunities enables financial institutions to diversify revenue streams, drive down cost and boost margins, while dramatically improving customer experience. We strive to find the fastest path to value through our innovation and data technologies that will enable you to manage risks, meet customer’s expectations and achieve sustainable practices.

Meet our financial services experts

We’re not only well-versed across the industry but maintain a deep understanding of today’s technologies to deliver truly integrated, and transformative, impact for you.

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