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Unify your data with one simple platform

Our partnership with Databricks

When it comes to data platforms, one is better than two

On one hand, data warehouses provide solid governance, high reliability and performance - on the other, data lakes offer openness, adaptability and machine learning support. Many organizations use both, plus other specialized systems. But due to the incompatibility of these architectures, and with the trend towards multi cloud environments, extracting value from data has significant challenges:

  • Siloed stacks increase complexity
  • Disconnected systems and proprietary data formats make integration difficult
  • Governance for data and AI is complex
  • Productivity suffers due to disparate data teams

We're Databricks experts

Since 2018, our Databricks-trained data scientists and data engineers have been working with enterprises like yours to unify data onto a single platform - the Databricks Lakehouse Platform - so you can realize the best of both worlds.

As a Databricks partner, we've built solutions ranging from traditional reporting pipelines to bespoke machine learning optimization applications that tightly integrate with our clients' marketing and supply-chain operations. No matter how you plan to leverage your enterprise data, our consultants bring the expertise to make it happen on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

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The Databricks advantage

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform is a simple, open, multi-cloud solution that delivers outcomes like these:

  • Unifies governance, security and management for all data and AI assets across all clouds
  • Reduces TCO of data platform
  • Eliminates data silos and complexity
  • Maximizes flexibility with a platform built on open source and open standards
  • Improves operational efficiency and speed innovation

Our work with Databricks

Databricks for CPG

  • Real-time hyper-personalization
  • Omnichannel profitability
  • Demand forecasting



Databricks for manufacturing

  • Digital twins
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Supply chain optimization



Databricks for CME

  • Personalization/lifecycle
  • Quality of service/network analytics
  • Advertising attribution



Additional AI & ML applications

  • LLMs / Gen AI
  • Geospatial data products


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