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About Kin + Carta

Building a world that works
better for everyone.

Sometimes you need to begin at the end.

Outcome-based digital transformation focuses on speed to value and return on investment. It’s a growth mindset grounded in maker-culture. It views connected products and experiences, data modernization, increased efficiency and the removal of technical debt, as today’s investments in the velocity of tomorrow.

Kin + Carta is a technology, data and experience consultancy that believes in using business as a force for good. We are at the forefront of a new class of digitally-native technology consultancy firms built to deliver Digital Transformation 2.0, and we choose to do so as a socially responsible business that champions inclusion, diversity and equality.

We operate at the intersection of technology, data and experience to drive connected outcomes for our clients

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Our beliefs

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Connections increase value

Connected digital outcomes outperform isolated solutions. We recognize that the value of technology, data and experience is created at its intersections. So Kin + Carta specialists are free to swarm around a problem without internal borders or restrictions, allowing our staff and the outcomes that they create to be greater than the sum of their parts. There are no dead-ends for our clients; no full-stops.

Adaptability drives resilience

Better never stands still. Innovation and change require courage and momentum. Kin + Carta brings a pioneer commitment to identifying new technology horizons and translating them for our clients. We seek good ideas from inside and outside our Connective as we expand our capabilities, partnerships and territories. Our challenger spirit is always open to another way, not insistent that our way is the only way.

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Responsibility means setting a standard

Today's digital platforms, products and experiences need to be designed and built with a moral compass at their heart. The commitment to inclusion and diversity that you’ll experience at Kin + Carta is the key that unlocks this competitive advantage for our clients. Kin + Carta is proud to be a certified B Corporation in the Americas region, and is working to be the first publicly listed company on the London Stock Exchange to be B Corporation certified.

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