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About Kin + Carta

About Kin + Carta

Why Kin + Carta?

We’re the digital transformation partner for the real world.

In the real world, you don’t need big promises about transformation, or the endless “exploratories” that accompany them. You need progress. You need a clear path to new market share - today. You need better ways to leverage data across your organization. You need new products and experiences to be designed, built, deployed and improved in less time and with greater insight. Whatever creating new value looks like for your business, it won’t be accomplished through conversation alone.

Transformation isn’t a process or a product. It’s an outcome - the result of a thousand steps in the same direction. Progress is what makes transformation possible. By combining deep industry expertise, data-intelligence, world-class engineering and seamless delivery, we’re setting out to prove why it’s time for a new approach to making progress.

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What we believe

The Connective - our integration of service offerings across corporate strategy, technology, innovation and customer engagement - is our answer to what we believe is missing within the current landscape of strategic partners. Here’s how we see things:

Specialties should be celebrated

Specialties should be celebrated

Highly-specialized capabilities are what turn operational teams into passionate tribes. We believe disciplines and the craft masters within them should be fostered, celebrated and connected - never diluted.

Connections bring clarity

Creative solutions reveal themselves when we bring disparate disciplines, tools and perspectives together. For both our clients and ourselves, we know the strength of our connections to each other is our most valuable asset.

About - Connections
About - Responsibility

Responsibility isn’t a nice-to-have

Prioritizing the impact your business has on people and our planet is no longer an option. With that in mind, we’re well on our way to becoming a certified B-Corp with a proven commitment to investing in our people and planet.

Demonstrating > debating

The difference between the talkers and the doers often comes down to courage; the willingness to act, to experiment, to challenge convention and spend more time proving what’s possible rather than pondering it.

About - Demonstrating greater than debating

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Tech-centric management consulting

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Next-gen software engineering and product design

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Digital marketing and connected customer experience

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