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The devil’s in the retail:
Truly connected experiences start with understanding your customer

Global Research

Disconnected experiences create disinterested customers

Kin + Carta’s latest global research found that the US is leading the way on omnichannel, but everyone has further to go to deliver joined-up consumer experiences.

Our survey of over 4,000 consumers across the UK and US reveals that retailers who fail to provide seamless shopping journeys risk missing out on revenue and undermining customer loyalty.

In the report, we share consumer experiences and explore how personalization and data are key to building a successful omnichannel approach.

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Key findings

The US is leading on omnichannel

62% of US consumers agree retailers connect in-store and online experiences, compared to just 37% in the UK.

Connected experiences impact behavior

Shoppers will invest more time or money in a retailer when they offer immersive experiences—but they’re likely to walk away when frustrated by digital channels.

Data sharing is built on trust

Personalization based on shopper data is central to creating connected experiences, however, retailers must repay consumer trust with value.

Survey highlights

Despite omnichannel being discussed for more than a decade, our survey results show that many retailers are failing to live up to consumer expectations.

28% of consumers have never had a connected retail experience
44% have stopped shopping with a retailer because of digital channel frustration
66% have spent more time and/or money because of an immersive experience
54% think the return they get from loyalty schemes is not worth the personal data they share

Crafting a fluid omnichannel experience is less about chasing particular technologies and more about understanding customers' needs. Fulfilling those needs requires a meticulous understanding of available tech, the appropriate use cases, and your customers.

Matt Hildon - Retail Portfolio Director, Kin + Carta

Discover more omnichannel insights

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