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Commerce Maturity Assessment

Integrated Commerce Accelerator

Be ready for commerce modernization in 2 to 4 weeks

The Commerce Maturity Assessment offers the ability for new clients to feel what it's like to work with Kin + Carta.

We will assess your organization’s readiness for commerce modernization and what you can do to fill in the gaps and develop new capabilities at pace.

This engagement will be informed by the guiding principles API based architecture allowing your business to adopt new technologies at pace to realize value sooner.


- Focused Workshops to leverage your team's Subject Matter Experts across Marketing, Product Lines, IT etc - with a focus to align on organizational strengths and challenges.

- Using data readiness as a catalyst for change and an opportunity for ROI driven roadmap prioritization.


- Commerce Modernization Roadmap

- Outline of Current vs Future State

- Defined Client Objectives and First Mover Proposal

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