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Enabling modern composable commerce

Integrated Commerce Accelerator

The challenge

Whether you're a longstanding retailer who needs to modernize your monolithic legacy systems, or a startup racing the clock to achieve time to value, the ideal commerce solution is one that can incorporate multiple best-in-class solutions into a composable but tightly integrated whole. Yet finding the right vendors to meet your needs, and connecting them to create a holistic solution, can be challenging.

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Our solution

Kin + Carta is part of the ICN (Integrated Commerce Network), a curated group of digital commerce partners that makes building an end-to-end solution to support ongoing growth and innovation with commerce easier - much easier.

With our Integrated Commerce Accelerator, we can implement a future-proof data foundation in Google Cloud that accelerates your journey to a modern commerce platform in just 6 weeks.

Targeting a high-ROI use-case, we’ll provide a blueprint for modular, repeatable workload integration, through strategic opportunities for real-time BI, federated governance, and streaming analytics.

Target Use Cases

- Deliver personalized product recommendations

- Predict customer churn

- Help preload shopping carts for customers

- Support in-store wayfinding

- Apply Dynamic Pricing Strategies

- Deliver personalized Email Campaigns

- Optimize campaigns and conversion rates based on individual customer preferences.

- Boost personalized shopping experiences with intuitive conversational agents and custom content

- Predict consumer behavior with next-best-action feedback for transactional guidance

- Facilitate customer sentiment analysis

- Optimize pricing and inventory management with forecasting against rich historic trends



- Unlock and accelerate data value for platform and business KPIs

- Reusable templates to streamline new data analytics workloads

- Governed data extensible to Looker for embedded analytics

- Strategic blueprint to activate Data to AI and End-to-end ML opportunities

- Integration framework to scale to Lakehouse and platform modernization

- Agile pivots and quickstarts to Vertex AI Search for Retail, Looker and CCAI applications

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