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GenAI QuickStart

Integrated Commerce Accelerator

Accelerate GenAI adoption
in 3 weeks

Kin + Carta's GenAI QuickStart allows retailers to rapidly capitalize on recent key emerging technologies to deploy a generative AI use case using your retail datasets for personalized shopping, pricing optimization, or consumer behavior.

We will work with you to develop a pilot program roadmap to enable a live production deployment within your own environment.

Target Use Cases

- Personalized shopping experiences with intuitive conversational agents and custom content

- Predict consumer behavior with next-best-action feedback for transactional guidance

- Optimize pricing and inventory management with forecasting against rich historic trends


- Demonstration of model POC for a defined use case

- Pilot program roadmap to implement prototype with production systems

- Technical framework, code, and blueprint to accelerate integration and deployment

- Strategy aligned to governance and policy guardrails to maximize data asset value

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