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Ecommerce platform

Connected Commerce on Google Cloud Accelerator

Our solution to a modern commerce purchase journey

The challenge

Businesses that are using legacy commerce platforms are finding it difficult to keep up with today’s rising customer expectations. Many are struggling with the inability to release new commerce features to production quickly; differentiate their customer experience; implement modern tools like live order tracking; and access data on their end-customer across touch points.

Our solution

Combining the power of commercetools on GCP, implemented by Kin + Carta, we will accelerate your enterprise commerce modernization journey.

Organizations will benefit from:

A full-stack commerce landing zone, deployable in one click and ready to build and evolve

Enterprise best-of-breed modern commerce architecture (microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native)

Professional services combining commerce leadership, a proven delivery playbook and deep cloud modernization capabilities

Are you in B2B or Manufacturing?

Get started on your commerce transformation journey by building out one use case to demonstrate the art of the possible. See what's on offer!

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Need help modernizing your legacy platform? Let us help you start your journey towards a modern commerce solution.

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