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Sustainable digital transformation is a key to our future

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It’s time to focus on carbon in our digital solutions

Have you noticed that when booking some flight reservations, you can now shop based on carbon emissions as well as price and time? The aviation industry contributes 3.7% of the world’s annual carbon emissions and flight information that offers carbon as a travel choice criterion may reflect growing attention on carbon emissions by consumers.

Digital technology is responsible for producing as much CO2 as the aviation industry, a fact that may not be well known in the industry. The day is not far off, however, when the spotlight turns in our direction and we are expected to provide carbon numbers to company leaders, shareholders, and customers.

Our industry cannot wait for that spotlight. The time is now to design digital services that generate less waste without compromising experience.

That's why Kin + Carta was invited to be one of 50 global companies featured in a new documentary series, as part of Reuters Vision 2045 initiative.

Featuring our Global CEO J Schwan, along with members of our responsible business team, this film offers an in-depth and well-rounded view of our commitment to helping our customers deliver sustainable, accessible, and inclusive digital products and services.

Vision 2045 Documentary

We believe that the solutions that make a difference are not big, bold marketing statements but smarter thinking about our digital environments.

Effective digital transformation and sustainability are complementary partners. While it may take a shift in culture and state of mind to embed this partnership in the industry, we can take steps today to make the world work better for its people and environment through sustainable - and profitable - digital technology.

Learn more about our social impact here.

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