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Our partnership with Google Cloud

Kin + Carta is proud to be a
Google Cloud Partner

Google Cloud premier partner badge

From modernising monolithic infrastructure for Fortune 50 organisations to developing digital products and experiences for venture backed scale-ups, we have a proven track record of exceeding customers’ expectations as they digitally transform their businesses on Google Cloud Platform. As a Premier Partner for Google Cloud in the Sell & Service Engagement Models, we bring the very best of our technology, product and change capability to address our customers’ challenges and deliver the desired outcomes.

With purpose at its core, Kin + Carta is a Certified B Corporation in the United States and Europe. Our triple-bottom-line focus on performance, people, and planet is at the core of everything we do.

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At Google Cloud, we're famous for:

App Development & Modernisation

Whether developing greenfield applications for digital natives or modernising legacy applications for Enterprise, building exceptional data-driven products and experiences is what we’re famous for at Google Cloud.

AI/ML Solutions

We have significant experience helping Enterprises test and deploy Google Cloud’s market-leading AI/ML solutions, whether it's building chatbots and voice solutions through CCAI & Dialogflow, implementing MLOps with Vertex AI, or enhancing retailers’ Ecommerce experiences with Vertex AI Search for Retail and Recommendations AI.

- Generative AI
- Vertex AI Search for Retail
- Vertex AI
- Conversational AI

Smart Analytics & Data Modernisation

Our teams focus on removing barriers to accessing & using data via tools like BigQuery and Looker. We look to increase trust & awareness of the data in your business and apply product thinking so that business teams can start to take value from their data as early as possible in the modernization journey.

- Data Foundation Assessment
- Data Activation Launchpad

Managed Services

We manage, monitor and maintain the platforms that underpin your mission critical workloads through automated software, agile practices and proven governance models via a global team of engineers.

Our practice:

Google Cloud 2023 partner of the year badge. Industry solution, services. Retail, digital grow.
Google Cloud Application Development
Google Cloud Data Analytic Badge
Google Could Contact Center AI Specialization badge

A growing partnership:

40+ Joint clients and counting
91% Increase in releases for customers on Google Kubernetes (GKE)
60+ Google Cloud certified engineers
9 Business days to release enterprise chatbot with Dialogflow

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