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bullet train

Confidence at the speed
of Google Cloud

Google Cloud Premier Partner

Kin + Carta is proud to be a
Google Cloud Premier Partner

Bullet trains deliver a remarkable combination of velocity, precision and seamlessness. At over 200 MPH, they’ll hit every door marker within centimeters, while keeping passengers feeling steady and assured at every turn.

Businesses need this same elusive combination: Speed-to value, customer-centric design, and seamless collaboration. It’s why we’ve partnered with Google Cloud. Together, we’re your bullet train, moving your business rapidly and precisely in one direction: forward. 

What it means to be a Premier Partner

Earning the title of Premier Partner is an honor we don’t take lightly. Neither does Google. It’s the reflection of our teams’ ability to maintain the highest standards of knowledge, support, and ingenuity in working with Google Cloud products. The recognition brings additional training opportunities and access to resources - value we’re thrilled to pass along to the clients we serve together.

Premier Partner

At Google Cloud, we're famous for:

Application development

Blending human-centered design, Agile engineering and customer centric strategy, we’re harnessing the power of Google Cloud to build and manage applications that move the needle.

Application modernization

As Google’s hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud solution, Anthos is a critical tool for companies that plan to keep applications on-premise for years to come or are pursuing a multi-cloud strategy. With a focus on security, scale, and consistency, we utilize Anthos to help enterprises take advantage of the cloud as quickly as possible.

See Our Application Modernization offering

Contact Center AI (CCAI) + Dialogflow

Conversational user experiences are marking the difference between leaders and laggers. We’re helping enterprise businesses serve customers, scale contact center operations, and grow market share in the process.

See Our CCAI + Dialogflow offering

Data modernization

Modernizing your data platform to the cloud is the critical foundation that makes everything else possible. This includes moving from batch to real-time through data streaming, and from a storage to story mindset through data insights and Artificial Intelligence. We enable each of these things by leveraging GCP to build future-focused data architectures.

Cloud Search

A Google-esque search capability in your business is no longer a fantasy. Leveraging deep experience with machine learning and predictive analytics, we’re helping enterprise businesses unlock exponential value through custom search solutions on Google Cloud.

See our Cloud Search offering

Launchpad: Landing Zone + Enablement

Working through your first production Google Cloud Platform workload migration can be time consuming and frustrating. Kin + Carta's Google Cloud Platform Launchpad is rocket fuel for enterprise customers who are ready to equip their developers to accelerate their Google Cloud journey.

See our Launchpad: Landing Zone + Enablement offering
fast easy seamless

A growing partnership:

15+ Joint clients and counting
91% Increase in releases for customers on Google Kubernetes (GKE)
60+ GCP certified engineers
9 Business days to release enterprise chatbot with Dialogflow

Kin + Carta covers the entire spectrum of what an ideal partner looks like: Raw technical talent to deliver an innovative solution, strategic & product-centric mindset to building a new consumer-facing application, while keeping the customer and end result front & center.

Aaron Hanlon - Customer Engineering Manager, Retail Vertical at Google Cloud

Collaboration of a different caliber:

As an esteemed Google Cloud Premier Partner, we’ve developed an integrated and collaborative approach to serving clients. The difference? World-class innovative technology, faster path to value, and a seamless client experience.


We execute today while enabling you to innovate and think a step ahead about your modernization roadmap and keep a pulse on emerging technology.


Whether it’s adapting existing tools, building custom apps, transforming data sets or integrating within your existing infrastructure, our teams take an agile approach to deliver value as quickly as possible.


By combining the accessibility of Google technology and our hands-on approach to new system adoption, we ensure transitions to new technology are as simple as possible for your team.

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Our practice:

google authorized reseller

Google Cloud Authorized Reseller

As a reselling partner, it’s our job to make your path to value with Google Cloud products as efficient, supported and streamlined as possible.

app development

Application Development Specialization

We’re proud that our track record in mobile and web applications has earned our teams an official Specialization in Application Development from Google Cloud.

Gordon Food Service - cook checking his tablet for orders

Gordon Food Service case study

Make cloud-native real:

With the need to differentiate itself in the ultra-competitive wholesale food distribution market, Gordon Food Service partnered with Kin + Carta to rebuild its customer ordering application from the ground up.

View this case study

Gordon Food Service stats:

2,920 Deployments
100K Business customers served
<24hrs Client feedback to production

Kin+Carta brought a customer-driven development methodology that helped us build what our customers actually want, instead of what we thought they wanted. They had a proven process for that approach, along with experience working on Google Cloud Platform. It's been tremendously successful.

Tom Pearce - IT Manager, E-Commerce at Gordon Food Service
Farmer on a field using a tablet

Corteva Agriscience case study

Make AI happen:

Kin + Carta and Google Cloud are helping Corteva Agriscience solve challenges associated with developing an intelligent crop yield management and prediction app.

View this case study

Corteva stats:

20K Users
121K Different crop yields
4.6 Customer rating in Google Play Store

This app needed to be highly available and easy to use to really address the needs of farmers. Kin + Carta provided us with an exceptional user interface and the ability to offer the app to farmers even when they do not have internet access. Their expertise is evident in the success of this application.

Jeremy Groeteke - U.S. Digital Ag Lead, Corteva Agriscience

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