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Amusement park ferris wheel with colorful carts spinning over a purple afternoon sky

A new spin on personalisation

Thread Magazine

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In a world of endless choices, personalisation is a way to cut through the noise—but what does it really mean? And how can you move past segmenting audiences to develop a deep understanding of buyer behaviours?

In Thread, we dive into the complex world of personalisation, exploring the emerging technologies shaping its future. From GenAI to data-driven decision making, our expert contributors share diverse views on this evolving landscape.

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Amusement park ferris wheel with colorful carts spinning over a purple afternoon sky

Elevating experiences: A new spin on personalisation

Learn how personalisation can help you better understand your customers, build and nurture relationships based on trust, and turn even the most mundane transactions into memorable experiences.

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The perfect blend: Defining personalisation in an omnichannel world

Explore the foundational concepts that define personalisation and are shaping the future of customer experience.

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Personalisation 2030: What does the future hold?

Hear what industry experts believe personalisation could look like in 2030, including how AI will accelerate the ability to customise and automate customer experiences.

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Measuring the impact of your personalisation strategy

Learn how to align your personalisation strategy with business goals and measure the true impact of your personalisation efforts.

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From previous editions

Raise your game: Focus on the pain points in your processes to boost efficiency and value

Leaders don’t have to sacrifice business value in order to cut costs. Innovating internal processes can help you drive efficiencies and deliver significant improvements to your bottom line. Raise your game without expanding your costs.

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Precision vision: Personalised data experiences to attract new customers

Intelligent recommendations strengthen your relationship with customers by personalising their experience. Explore how to unlock the power of data to drive personalised recommendations that attract and retain valuable customers.

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Risky business: how to protect your data while exploiting its value with AI

GenAI needs access to large amounts of data and this raises big security questions. Learn about the new technology and practices empowering leaders to exploit value safely.

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Why Thread?

At Kin + Carta, we’re building a world that works better for everyone. Our leaders, experts, and network play a huge part in this mission, and Thread gives a voice to their unique experiences and insights while shining a light on the latest enterprise trends and technology. Read Thread Magazine now to discover inspiring stories, fresh opinions, and practical, actionable advice. 

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