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Meaningful, accessible human thinking

How well do you know your customers? 

You might have details about their age, demographic or location but what about their motivations, expectations and needs?

The theme of the third edition of Thread magazine is intelligent experiences - the next generation of digital platforms powered by data to deliver more personal, user friendly and tailored experiences.

A note from our editors

The immediacy of bringing your product or service ‘in touch’ with your customer has never been greater. Organisations who do not grasp the importance of intelligent experiences risk their brands becoming irrelevant.

In this edition of Thread, you’ll learn more about what intelligent experiences are, how they are already making a difference in the real world and how you can create your very own. In these challenging times it could be the competitive edge you need for your organisation.

Mona Champaneri, Director of E+P, Kin + Carta Americas
Mark Collin, Director of E+P, Kin + Carta Europe

Headshot of Mona Champaneri and Mark Collin

Edition 3


People standing in pink illuminated room

Precision vision

Intelligent recommendations strengthen your relationship with customers by personalising their experience. But they rely on a solid foundation of data.

Featuring insights from our co-editors and thought leaders at Korn Ferry and Google, we explore how to unlock the power of data to drive personalised recommendations that attract and retain valuable customers.

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Customer given, data driven

Perfecting the moments that matter in your digital experience is the key to taking your customers from anonymous to advocates.

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Closing the gap

Creating intelligent experiences requires technical and non-technical talent, data-driven decision making, and a customer- focused mindset that is led from the top.

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Interview: Nitin Garg

We meet Intuit’s global customer sustainability leader, who is launching a data-driven effort to help small and micro businesses reduce their environmental impact.

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Interviews with a difference

Check out our interview series with leaders from around the world who believe in using business as a force for good - just like we do!

Business as a force for good

We spoke with Chris Turner, Executive Director of B Lab about the Better Business Act – a campaign with a mission to change the law so that all companies take ownership of their social and environmental impact.

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Danone: achieving B Corp status

Meet Deanna Bratter, Head of Sustainable Development at Danone North America, who has negotiated the extensive requirements for achieving B Corp status and explains how to follow in Danone's footsteps.

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Doing business the right way

Emilie Stephenson, Head of UK force for good, UK&I and Mark Dunning, Technology director at innocent highlight the benefits of being part of a growing group of companies that believe in doing business the right way.

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Why Thread?

Thread’s unique perspective is driven by our recent journey to B-Corp certification. Sustainable digital transformation is an everyday reality at Kin + Carta which adds an extra reality check to the collective knowledge of our craft experts. Add to this mix the experience of other leaders and organisations on the journey of responsible business and you have a recipe for action as well as inspiration.

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