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Digital 3D landscape formed of columns of data in the shape of mountains

Navigating the new landscape of digital transformation

Thread Magazine

A note from our editors

Digital transformation is no longer a single transformative process—instead it’s a far-reaching force that impacts every area of organizational life.

As new technologies rapidly emerge and customer expectations shift, leaders must experiment, learn, and modify their strategies faster than ever before.

In this edition of Thread, we explore the implications of a digital transformation evolution, discover the new language of innovation, and share the techniques you need to build a culture of continuous experimentation.

Ben Pitman
Director of Engineering Consultancy, Kin + Carta

Katie Franzen
VP of Financial Services, Kin + Carta

Headshots of Katie Franzen and Ben Pitman, editors of this edition of Thread

Let's dive in


Digital 3D landscape formed of columns of data in the shape of mountains


Digital transformation is no longer the switch from analog to digital. Discover how to navigate this constantly evolving landscape and take a collaborative approach to always-on improvement.

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Building a culture of experimentation

In an uncertain business landscape, a culture of experimentation is crucial to staying competitive. Learn to create an environment where employees feel empowered to embrace small failures for big gains.

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Measuring what matters

As digital change becomes a constant, we need new ways to measure success. Explore key progress metrics for everything from customer engagement to financial performance and innovation.

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Transforming the language of innovation

The speed of digital innovation means we need a whole new glossary to describe digital transformation. Discover the key concepts and strategies that are driving organizational change across industries.

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Raise your game

Leaders don’t have to sacrifice business value in order to cut costs. Innovating internal processes can help you drive efficiencies and deliver significant improvements to your bottom line. Raise your game without expanding your costs.

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Risky business: how to protect your data while exploiting its value with AI

GenAI needs access to large amounts of data and this raises big security questions. Learn about the new technology and practices empowering leaders to exploit value safely.

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Building your AI dream team

Existing roles are evolving to make better use of AI and new roles are emerging fast. Find out how to connect with changemakers and shape an AI team with the skills to grow with your business.

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At Kin + Carta, we’re building a world that works better for everyone. Our leaders, experts, and network play a huge part in this mission, and Thread gives a voice to their unique experiences and insights while shining a light on the latest enterprise trends and technology. Read Thread Magazine now to discover inspiring stories, fresh opinions, and practical, actionable advice. 

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