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In uncertain times, many businesses are putting their innovation projects on ice. That means there’s an opportunity to get a jump on them, both now and in the future, and accelerate your competitive advantage.

But what does innovation look like at the moment, how do you capitalise on data to make it meaningful in your business context and deliver ROI at pace?

In this edition of Thread, we bring a dose of reality, a lot of positive thinking and answers to your innovation questions so you can take advantage of the opportunities.

A note from our editors

Innovation becomes more important in challenging market environments. As ‘easy growth’ stalls, leaders need to double down on value-creating activities.

In this edition of Thread, we’re looking at the innovative thinking that’s required for businesses to both survive and thrive in the months to come.

This includes how to focus and make innovation meaningful in your business context, how all innovations should include customer and planet as standard lenses, and how to deliver on an innovation agenda at pace.

Morgan Kainth
Director Strategy + Innovation, Kin + Carta Europe

Adam Schanfield
VP Strategy + Innovation, Kin + Carta Americas

Morgan Kainth and Adam Schanfield's headshots

Let's dive in


Turned on lightbulb resting on a pedestal over a number of turned of lightbulbs

Lighting the way

Our editors explore how aligning your innovation strategy with the new reality and doubling down on your investment can lead your business through uncertain times.

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Raise your game

Leaders don’t have to sacrifice business value in order to cut costs. Innovating internal processes can help you drive efficiencies and deliver significant improvements to your bottom line. Raise your game without expanding your costs.

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Freedom to flex

Businesses need a vision or strategy that guides their innovation investments towards a profitable future. A commitment to the true values of Agile can help you unlock the problem-solving power of your teams and realise that vision more efficiently.

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Interview: Dietmar Grimm

We meet Trimble’s VP of corporate strategy and sustainability solutions, who is helping businesses to both measure and reduce their emissions by using digital technology.

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Interviews with a difference

Check out our interview series with leaders from around the world who believe in using business as a force for good - just like we do!

Interview: Nitin Garg

We meet Intuit’s global customer sustainability leader, who is launching a data-driven effort to help small and micro businesses reduce their environmental impact.

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Business as a force for good

We spoke with Chris Turner, Executive Director of B Lab about the Better Business Act – a campaign with a mission to change the law so that all companies take ownership of their social and environmental impact.

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Danone: achieving B Corp status

Meet Deanna Bratter, Head of Sustainable Development at Danone North America, who has negotiated the extensive requirements for achieving B Corp status and explains how to follow in Danone's footsteps.

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Why Thread?

Thread’s unique perspective is driven by our recent journey to B-Corp certification. Sustainable digital transformation is an everyday reality at Kin + Carta which adds an extra reality check to the collective knowledge of our craft experts. Add to this mix the experience of other leaders and organisations on the journey of responsible business and you have a recipe for action as well as inspiration.

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