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Enjoy speed to market and the ability to pivot through Contentstack


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Kin + Carta is honoured to have joined the Contentstack Catalyst Programme


Ability to pivot

In this age of rapid change, speed to market combined with the ability to pivot quickly whilst being cost effective is more important than ever. By becoming a Catalyst, we will combine our skill at designing inimitable digital experiences with an enhanced ability to manage and deploy your omnichannel content readily and effectively.  

Better experiences

We will be part of a wider partner ecosystem that is advancing the use of a microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native and headless (MACH) architecture. This approach to the evolution of the web content management space ensures you can continue to put the end user at the heart of each and every iteration, implementation and transformation.

A dynamic partnership

Joining the Catalyst programme will further our drive to help you continually adapt and evolve using technology to deliver operational effectiveness and growth. Our history of building successful, long-term client partnerships will be augmented through Contentstack’s renowned credentials in service support. 

As we march ever forwards with digital transformation efforts, more traditional experience suite providers are being disrupted. Heavy and costly tooling is being replaced with leaner solutions from Contentstack and other vendors that allow the creation of modular, packaged functionality that can be combined to create innovative leading experiences for both internal and external users. Speed to market combined with the ability to pivot is more important than ever. Suites don’t give firms that freedom.

Martin Paton - CTO, Kin + Carta Connect

Contentstack Clients

Contentstack is the pioneer of headless CMS, allowing organisations to manage content across digital channels and create amazing digital experiences. Working together, we’ll be able to effortlessly handle your large-scale, complex, and mission-critical deployments, supporting real-world enterprise business processes and team collaboration. You’ll also find out why Contentstack has the highest customer satisfaction in the industry and is the preferred API-first CMS for SAP Cloud. 
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Making your world work better

Design - Connected Customer Experiences

We connect brands to audiences, reimagining your online brand creating value propositions which meet customer and employee needs across channels. 

Build - Modernise MarTech Platforms

Whether it's enhancing an existing system or building a new custom web platform, we have the experience and expertise.

Manage - Support and Optimise

From Data Driven Optimisation, to managed CMS updates and automated deployments, we shape around your needs.

Contact us to create a more connected digital experience for your future growth.

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“With the rise of AI, voice platforms, IoT devices and especially the movement towards inclusivity and accessibility, the machine is now the biggest channel for content. Structured content platforms like Contentstack allow content creators to natively optimise and deliver for these channels as well as deliver to the traditional visual experience.”

Martin Paton - CTO, Kin + Carta Connect