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Build smarter, grow faster


The new industrial revolution is here and now

Powered by modernised legacy technology, agile engineering, and human-centred design, we work alongside the world’s largest industrial, distribution, and manufacturing firms to execute growth-driven digital transformation.

Driving measurable benefits for the enterprise

Improved speed-to-value

Previously, companies expected return on investment in year three or four after going live with a new digital experience. Times have changed, and Kin + Carta delivers impactful experiences to your users at both speed and scale.

Reduced digital cost

By combining lean user experience research with modern software engineering and wrapping the whole experience in analytics, companies can now make true data-driven prioritisation decisions resulting in pinpoint investment accuracy.

Improved operational efficiency

Instead of inflicting deployment pain on users and software teams, the most successful companies take a modern cloud-native approach to digital product launch resulting in zero downtime and multiple daily releases.

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A trusted partner around the globe

Kin + Carta helps industrial organisations adapt to the digital age.
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Our partnership with Kin + Carta has led to transformative changes in how we evolve and shape our digital strategy. The Kin + Carta team has proven instrumental in providing the creative blueprint that allows us to deliver exceptional customer experiences. We look forward to continuing to build on this partnership as we implement new engagement models and continue to sharpen our customer focus.

Dorota Trzebeniak - Strategic Sourcing Manager at Rockwell

We believe

At Kin + Carta, we believe adapting industrial organisations to the digital age requires a holistic approach. By investing in both the modernisation of legacy applications and new digital experiences, data is kept secure, systems are developed to scale globally, and customers become brand advocates.

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Introducing our industrial experts

We’re not only well-versed across the industry but maintain a deep understanding of today’s technologies to deliver truly integrated, and transformative, impact for you.
Francesca Silva
Doug Anderson

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