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Rockwell Automation

Digital Business Transformation Programme for Rockwell Automation

We helped Rockwell Automation transform to a simpler, more user focused customer experience.

  • Category: Industrials Connected Customer Experience

Through a customer-focused Digital Business Transformation (DBx) programme, we helped Rockwell Automation create a seamless digital channel – from browsing and search to improving access to orders.

A fragmented experience

As the world’s biggest industrial automation company, Rockwell Automation offers almost a dozen apps, and manages around 600,000 user accounts. The result: a complex and fragmented experience that cost customers 3 million man-hours a year.

Rockwell Automation - A Fragmented Experience

A central touchpoint

Beginning with a customer experience audit, we designed, built and delivered myRockwellAutomation – a digital platform for seamless customer journeys. Now, customers can log-in, search, browse and access personalized information from one digital portal.

Rockwell Automation DBx programme

Seamless searches

Using a ‘Discovery Driven’ approach, we built a platform to replace Google Search across the business. In future builds, we'll harness machine learning to make product searches even more personalised, while also developing cutting-edge conversational UX prototypes too.

Future possibilities

Through innovation, design and development, we’re helping Rockwell Automation discover the possibilities of digital transformation and realise their vision of a digitally connected business.

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