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Using business as a force for good

Social impact

Kin + Carta is committed to being a triple bottom line business

It is our long-term goal to operate Kin + Carta in a more socially responsible way by giving equal consideration to people and planet as well as profit.

In line with our shared values to be deeply connected, always courageous, and instinctively compassionate, we are committed to using our organization as a force for good, by driving innovative and impactful behaviors throughout our specialisms, with our clients, and inside our communities.

We are using the B-Corp framework as a guide and to ensure we are held accountable

In order to help us achieve our goal, we are using the internationally-renowned B Corp framework, with a view to all our specialisms being certified by the end of 2022.

The framework allows us to assess current performance and highlight areas to drive positive change, across five fundamental areas of our business.

Learn more about what it means to be a Certified B Corp

Kin + Carta’s mission is to make the world work better. And this mission goes beyond our client work. It means we are committed to making the world a better place for future generations. Becoming a B corp proves that we are on the right track, but there is a lot more work ahead of us.

Kelly Manthey - CEO, Kin + Carta Americas
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Areas of focus

Kin + Carta is investing significant resources and capital to effect change and drive positive impacts across these areas.

Our people

We are a people business. We take great pride in developing and progressing our team through a singular focus on their happiness and engagement at work. We provide significant and varied career opportunities for learning and promotion, with strong support of health and wellness.

Employees in office with Macbooks

Our customers

The diverse and far-reaching set of Kin + Carta products and technologies allows us to advise on and implement many positive impact services. Combined with the huge variety of skills and knowledge within our workforce, we will innovate and help more of our customers to solve social, ethical or environmental business challenges using technology.

Our  communities

We continually endeavor to enhance the diversity of our team and inclusion practices across our business. By engaging with society through the donation of time, advice and money to charities, we strive to be involved with and benefit each of the many communities in which our offices are located.

People at Too Legit to Sit event
Volunteers collecting garbage at Montrose Beach

Our environment

With robust net zero carbon and zero waste to landfill targets, an emphasis on using technology to minimize our carbon footprint, and clear management reporting and audit systems, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact as far as is possible.

Our governance

We are measuring and improving key performance indicators across social, environmental, and customer impact areas. We have committed to strong ethical and transparency principles, and are adopting a governance structure which takes into consideration all stakeholders in its decision-making.

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Vision 2045

Kin + Carta is proud to have been selected as one of 50 global companies involved in the Vision 2045 initiative. With this honor, our Global and members of our responsible business team are featured in a new documentary series that offers an in-depth and well-rounded view of our commitment to helping our customers deliver sustainable, accessible, and inclusive digital products and services.

Learn more

Impact Report for Europe

This report sets out how our business and people have made a positive impact over the last 12 months, and how we plan to continue and improve on these efforts in the coming year. 

Carbon Reduction Plan

We're committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, see our carbon reduction plan below for further information.