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Enhancing customer service through automated voice and chat

The challenge

Customer expectations for contact centers have never been higher. Efficient, accurate, and personalized interactions are now table stakes. Further, the pandemic, labor shortages, and unprecedented agent turnover have made it clear that automation is required to improve, or even just maintain, service levels.

With websites, apps and phone trees, finding information to answer a simple question can take 10 taps and three wrong turns before eventually getting to a relevant answer. Allowing customers to ask questions using their natural language and immediately receiving a relevant response can be a much more intuitive and efficient way to get that question answered.

Katie Jelicich - UX Research & Convo UX Consultant, Kin + Carta

Our solution

Virtual agents, implemented by Kin + Carta, can engage with customers across multiple digital channels, scale to meet demand, and be customized to deliver personalization enabling human agents to focus on higher-level, more strategic customer interactions.

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We’ve been partnering with Google Cloud since 2017 to bring the latest and greatest in automated natural language understanding (NLU) technology via CCAI and Dialogflow to our clients across a variety of industries.

Bank icon Enabling more efficient self service for banking customers
Restaurant icon Exploring automated voice to create a streamlined order experience
Automotive icon Using voice for hands-free top-tier support while driving
Healthcare icon Leveraging voice and chat as an accessible way for patients to interact

Our conversation experts include designers, researchers, engineers, and testers well versed in the application of voice and chat technology across different channels.

Why use virtual agents?

Resolve common issues, or answer frequently asked questions consistently and with limited human intervention. Automate mundane tasks, or lower-value interactions.

Reduce call volumes to live agents, which increases their productivity and ability to elevate the customer experience to make their brand/organization more engaging.

Leverage detailed logs, which provide enhanced insights, to continually improve the systems and better interact with customers.

Help customer service workers do their jobs faster and more efficiently (via capabilities such as agent assist and insights engines).

Meet the customers at the channel they want to use.

Ready to enhance your customer experience? Our dedicated SMEs can help.

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A Google Cloud Partner

As certified partners across the Google Cloud Platform and Google Marketing Platform suite, we bring the very best of our technology, product and change capabilities to address our customers’ challenges and deliver the desired outcomes.

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