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Accelerating AI Impact with MLOps

Vertex AI Launchpad

Realizing the impact for ML across the enterprise requires strong data foundations, visibility into model performance, and a cloud-empowered strategy to deliver AI at scale. Kin + Carta can help unlock a roadmap for sustainable AI value, connecting intelligent experiences across the enterprise.

With Vertex AI, Google Cloud’s unified ML platform, Kin + Carta supports companies through the full ML lifecycle, from activating data into model production to automating end-to-end ML workflows at scale (MLOps).

The Vertex AI Launchpad is designed to ramp clients through a key use-case to demonstrate MLOps practices with tangible improvements for long-term impact. A templated framework including the following Vertex AI modules will help continuously deliver new capabilities:

  • AutoML - simplified model development for Images, Video, Tables and Text.
  • Feature Store - highly available online + batch feature serving repository.
  • Vertex AI Pipelines - modular components to orchestrate end-to-end ML workflows.
  • Monitoring and Continuous training - triggers for retraining pipelines on key indicators.
Vertex AI components

What to expect

Working toward an achievable, high-ROI initiative, the 5-week Launchpad will align a north star to deliver continuous AI business value in four phases:

Phase 1: Align

North star roadmap with short and long-term targets to hone pilot.

Phase 2: Define

Design and documentation of key Vertex AI services to enable MLOps.

Phase 3: Design

Composable Vertex AI pipelines with template for extensible workflows.

Phase 4: Deploy

End-to-End Pipeline testing, deployment, monitoring and KPI validation.


Measurable impact against profit-generating use-case and KPIs to direct new applications for continuous lift.

A roadmap and knowledge transfer for sustainable productionalization of MLOps Level 1 + 2 capabilities, including:

- Rapid experimentation
- Continuous delivery and training
- Code and pipeline modularity
- Pipeline orchestration
- CI/CD automation

Liberate ML initiatives with a repeatable build and deployment framework to accelerate use case adoption for rapid business value at enterprise scale.

Visible ROI and blueprint to link AI Center of Excellence initiatives with enterprise mandates for operational agility and profitability.

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