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The magic behind modern innovation

Generative Intelligent Experiences

Introducing genIE

AI and ML have been around for awhile, but the emergence of Generative AI marks a revolutionary turning point that is bringing it to life and having a genuine impact on organisations and individuals alike. At Kin + Carta we don’t believe AI is just hype; it is truly transformative.

Generative AI has the power to positively impact both customer and employee experiences, freeing us from the monotonous  by delivering modern Intelligent Experiences.

Kin + Carta has proven expertise to lead your business into this transformative era, driving measurable outcomes through generative Intelligent Experiences - genIE - powered by Google Cloud.

The challenge

Before you embark on your AI journey, it’s important to consider issues like these:

  • Do you have AI-ready data foundations and governance in place?
  • Are your people and processes ready to support new ways of working?
  • What AI safety, ethics and guardrails do you need?
  • How do you determine the viability and value of projects?
  • How do you align AI initiatives with your broader data strategy?

How we can help

As a Google Cloud priority launch partner for Generative AI, Kin + Carta works with organisations to ensure a scalable, repeatable and sustainable approach to GenAI adoption. Our extensive experience in working with data and natural language user experiences includes Conversational AI, Enterprise Search and Experimentation.

Wherever you are in your AI journey, we can help you move from exploration to idea, or from idea to prototype by leveraging GenApps on Google Cloud.

genIE Accelerator Workshop

A ½ day workshop designed to align on critical business challenges that can be solved with Google Cloud’s intelligent data products and services.

Proof of Concept

A multi-week project to evaluate and refine concepts and clarify an implementation path for iterative solutions that drive business outcomes.

Our collaborative solutions will help you to:

Handshake icon Align on business needs and identify relevant use cases for AI implementation.
Nodes icon Collaboratively generate innovative product concepts that leverage AI capabilities.
Roadmap icon Create a prioritised, strategic roadmap for integration and development.
Puzzle icon Build a functional prototype to demonstrate the feasibility and potential of an AI-driven product.
Board icon Verify the effectiveness of the chosen data processing methods, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
Ethics icon Establish robust data quality governance to ensure the reliability, security, and ethical use of AI-driven data.

What does genIE look like for you?

AI isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We can help you identify the right places and times to apply AI for maximum effectiveness, ensuring that technology truly serves your business goals through the delivery of Intelligent Experiences.