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Data foundations consultation

Get your 5-point data maturity score

Data Foundation Assessment

Look at your data foundation before you leap into GenAI

As tempting as it is to jump ahead with generative AI initiatives, how do you know if your organisation’s data foundation - including people, process and technology - can support your ambitions?

Complimentary one hour data foundation consultation

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The Challenge

In the past year or so, many organisations have effectively navigated the generative AI landscape - exploring the potential of this transformative technology, overcoming challenges and achieving successes.

While these early adopters vary greatly in terms of size, industry and how they’ve applied GenAI, they all have this in common: a sound data strategy combined with a reliable and governed data foundation.

But other organisations have not been so successful, due to these obstacles:

  • Inadequate technology to provide advanced data capabilities
  • Limited or non-existent data-driven innovation
  • Gaps in data roles, skills and processes
  • Anxiety around governance, security and compliance

When it comes to data maturity, how does your organisation stack up?

Our solution

A no-cost 1 hour data foundation discovery consultation

Kin + Carta has curated a data foundation assessment to help organisations like yours gain a baseline understanding of data maturity across these five dynamics:

  • Value - how well you manage to extract value from data
  • People - the coverage you have across roles, responsibilities and skills
  • Process - the degree to which data is improving employee jobs and customer experiences
  • Data - how well data is governed and quality managed
  • Technology - whether you have the systems needed to reliably turn data into insight


Following the consultation, you will receive:

  • Your overall data maturity score and classification rating (chaotic/reactive/stable/proactive)
  • A visual representation of your scoring across five data foundation dynamics
  • An executive summary
  • An anonymised benchmarking report of aggregated data maturity trends

Kin + Carta’s data experts will continue to be available to discuss your results in more detail and help you create an action plan to create an optimal data foundation to support your organisation’s GenAI initiatives.

Get your data maturity score

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a data maturity assessment?

A data maturity assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your organisation's ability to effectively manage and leverage data. It assesses your data strategies, infrastructure, governance, skills, and technology across five key dimensions (value, people, process, data, and technology). This assessment helps you understand your current data maturity level, identify areas for improvement, and develop a roadmap for building a stronger data foundation that supports your GenAI ambitions.

Why do we need a data maturity assessment?

A data maturity assessment offers several benefits:

• Identify challenges and opportunities: Understand your current strengths and weaknesses in data management, helping you prioritise improvement areas.

• Benchmark your progress: Compare your data maturity level against industry standards and track progress over time.

• Support GenAI initiatives: Ensure your data foundation is ready for successful GenAI implementation.

• Improve decision-making: Data-driven insights from the assessment inform better choices about data investments and strategies.

How do you measure data maturity?

Kin + Carta's data foundation assessment uses a combination of questionnaires, interviews with key stakeholders, and analysis of your existing data infrastructure and processes. This holistic approach provides a comprehensive view of your data maturity level.

What are the 4 stages of data maturity?

Several data maturity models exist, but the framework used at Kin + Carta categorises organisations into four stages: Chaotic, Reactive, Stable, and Proactive. Your assessment report will provide your specific classification and breakdown across the five key dimensions.