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Building a world that works better for everyone


A triple-bottom-line business

We’re proud to be a responsible business—focused on using our organization as a force for good.

Our commitment is reflected in our status as a globally certified B Corp and through our triple-bottom-line focus on performance, people, and planet.

By blending high-performance consulting with social and environmental responsibility, we empower our Kin to deliver innovative products and services that are strategic, inclusive, and sustainable, just as our global clients insist upon.

Impact Report

Our FY23 Impact Report transparently details our environmental, social and governance (ESG) achievements between Aug 22 and July 23. It is packed with evidence, commentary and case studies, celebrating our strategic advances as well as kin-led collaborations, across the regions.

The report represents a single consolidated summary of our responsible business values and achievements for clients and colleagues alike as well as our stakeholders at large.

Read our Impact Report
A graphic of Kin + Carta's Annual Impact Report

Our responsible business mission is to ‘educate, inspire, and collaborate’ so that we create conditions where our Kin feel proud of their skills-based consulting contribution to our triple-bottom-line.

Jennifer Crowley - Global Director of Responsible Business
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Our company mission statement of "Building a world that works better for everyone" intentionally starts with "Building a world" because we, alongside our clients and suppliers need to take better account for those externalities of business. From our data-driven decarbonisation offering to our net zero strategy consulting we track with pride the positive impact client work we undertake each year.

Internally, this past year we have used our data expertise to expand the detail of our emissions reporting, completed rigorous environmental risk analysis and funded the planting of more than 8,000 trees as well as offsetting our emissions in full as a precursor to greater net zero implementation.


The middle of our mission statement 'that works' is achieved through our connected governance approach meaning we’re always looking for new ways to achieve more as a responsible business.

Our B Corp certification holds us to high social and environmental standards, while 10% of our revenue in 2023 came from positive impact work. We also completed our first double-materiality assessment—identifying opportunities that combine business value with a positive impact on people and planet.

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Finally, our mission statement ends with ensuring that it is 'better for everyone.' Our people empower and inspire us, and we strive to create workplaces where everyone’s’ voices and contributions are valued.

Our IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and awareness) initiative guides our efforts to build a more inclusive organization. 2023 saw us half our average gender pay gap (from 18% to 9%) and increase diversity in our US teams by 7%.

Read more about our IDEA programme here

Carbon Reduction Plan

We're committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2040, see our full carbon reduction plan for further information.

View the full plan
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