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Unlock the potential of SAP data with Google Cloud

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Google Cloud Cortex Framework provides the building blocks that unleashes SAP ERP data to accelerate business outcomes with less risk, complexity, and cost.

With the launch of Google Cloud Cortex Framework, SAP ERP customers now have access to the power of Google Cloud’s fully managed, cloud-native data integration at scale harnessing the power of BigQuery, integrated ML templates, as well as plug-and-play Looker dashboards for fast insights into common business scenarios.

Kin + Carta, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, has paired Cortex with our deep experience in data modernization and commerce to unlock the power of SAP and other critical business data in ways that were previously too complex or too costly - powering high impact use cases such as intelligent product recommendations, custom pricing, and reliable fulfillment.

About Cortex

Google Cloud Cortex Framework provides endorsed solution content, including reference architectures, deployment accelerators, and integration sfsfsfor common business scenarios. This allows you to gain new insights through a scalable data foundation which can combine both SAP and non-SAP data. It comes with pre-defined operational data marts and change data capture processing scripts for BigQuery to take the guesswork out of data modeling and processing. And with machine learning templates you get access to advanced capabilities for common business scenarios such as product recommendations and customer segmentation. To make all of these data assets visible and consumable for the various business users, there are a number of plug-and-play Looker dashboard templates where you can gain fast insights into sales numbers, order volumes, product and customer details, and much more.

Solving for problems our customers are facing

  • Product Recommendation

Product managers lack access to unified datasets and often rely on manual product association which can be time consuming, requires tribal knowledge, and often leads to inconsistent customer experiences. By leveraging the data-driven insights provided by the Cortex Data Foundation for SAP and BigQueryML, product managers can automate consistent, high-quality product recommendations.

  • Customer specific pricing

With existing systems and online ordering platforms, which are loosely connected and typically share data via batch processing, it’s nearly impossible to provide B2B customer specific and accurate pricing in real-time, resulting in manual work, cart abandonment, and a poor customer experience. Cortex Data Integration pulls together SAP and other datasets to enable businesses to provide accurate, customer-specific data.

  • Inventory fulfillment

Lack of accurate inventory count, as well as demand forecasting can decrease customer adoption as well as conversion leading to a loss of revenue and process optimization. Looker dashboards give B2B businesses the ability to see inventory and the Cortex Application Layer enables external applications to consume SAP ERP data through scalable, production-ready APIs and Pub/Sub messages.

Cortex Framework - Order fulfillment
Cortex Framework - Order status snapshot

A partner that meets you where you are

Whether you are building your first workload in Google Cloud or are a mature cloud customer, Kin + Carta has solutions to accelerate your data modernization projects. Kin + Carta’s Data Launchpad and Enablement solution provides the foundation on which to build a secure, scalable, and validated Landing Zone for your SAP and other critical business data using Cortex. More mature customers will benefit from extending Cortex with Kin + Carta’s Octain advanced AI solutions.

Regardless of the solution, Kin + Carta works alongside your team to equip and empower them with the tools and knowledge they need to run and grow.

Google Cloud Cortex Framework, with the partnership of Kin + Carta, will kickstart time-to-value to get you up and running quickly with Google Cloud.

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