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Google Cloud Platform Landing Zone + Enablement


The challenge

Working through your first production Google Cloud Platform workload migration can be time consuming and frustrating. Some vendors provide cookie-cutter solutions, but leave it up to you to figure out the details and deploy your applications.


Our solution

Kin + Carta's Google Cloud Platform Launchpad is rocket fuel for enterprise customers who are ready to equip their developers to accelerate their Google Cloud journey.

With Kin + Carta’s GCP Launchpad, you will benefit from:

Guidance icon Expert guidance by our GCP mission team who works side-by-side with your DevOps/engineering teams
Cloud icon Google Cloud On-boarding and Foundation landing zone stood up
Workload A customized, step-by-step process for moving your first workload*
Support 360 degree support from wireframe through your first deployment

After your first successful deployment, your team will be equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to repeat the migration process with the security, governance and compliance that your business needs. 

*workload determined by utilization of GCP StratoZone tool

Key Activities & Outcomes


K+C mission team members collaborate with client SMEs and delivery team members to set up the cloud foundation and migrate the first workload to GCP.


6-8 Weeks

Team Model

- Engagement Director - GCP Cloud Architect - Engagement Delivery Lead - GCP DevOps Engineer(s)


- Leadership Alignment & Team Kickoffs - GCP Overview (Usage, Networking, Security) - Workload Selection Sessions - Migration Planning Sessions (Architecture Wireframes, etc.) - Terraform Template Setup - CI/CD Setup - Workload Migration - Initial Deployment - Retrospective & Handoff to client DevOps team

Key Outcomes

- GCP Infrastructure Foundation set up - Terraform Templates or Kubernetes Resource Models customized - CI/CD set up - Initial workload deployed to GCP and validated - Client team members trained in GCP cloud migration

Want to accelerate your Google Cloud migration journey? We can help.

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