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Responsible AI Automation is here

Octain AutoML

The explainable AI platform that provides bespoke models to democratize access to the power of AI in support of your critical business processes.

Artificial intelligence is radically changing how we do business, and in a world that is constantly changing and different needs are being created, businesses need to act fast rather than constantly playing catch up with competitors.  

That’s where our Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service tool comes in. Octain is an industry-leading AIaaS platform that reaches beyond traditional developer-focused systems to provide business users with advanced capabilities to understand and cleanse their data, then generate predictions and recommendations to match their highest business priorities - so you can keep climbing.

Accelerate time-to-value

Kin + Carta uses Octain early and often with our partners to build and iterate predictive, explainable models that quickly and accurately predict supply chain shortages, detect fraud, measure customer retention, and related capabilities for client projects, significantly improving overall time to value for clients.

Abstract representation of AI automation accelerating time to value,

Historically, unlocking the value of data with AI has been complicated. In working with major U.S. and international enterprises, transparent and explainable AI has led to more ethical and equitable uses of AI. Early use of Octain has demonstrated its potential in attracting new clients and decreasing the time to deploy AI models from months to minutes.

Cameron Turner - Creator of Octain and VP of Data Science at Kin + Carta

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Driving value for clients with Octain

Supply chain worker viewing information in tablet device.

Automated AI for Supply Chain Forecasting

By leveraging Octain, we built and deployed a system for a Fortune 100 tech giant that needed to make better predictions for their future demand and get ahead of supply chain shortages and blockages. Partnering with K+C resulted in tighter manufacturing targets and better finance forecasts.

Data Pipeline Governance Software

Our team helped one of the largest U.S. retail beverage companies use AIaaS to detect fraud and score propensity-to-pay while ensuring these predictions were made without bias.

Person grabbing soda can from shelf in supermarket
Display showing net revenue management data.

Net Revenue Management

We created a net revenue management system for one of the largest food, snack, and beverage companies in the world that was able to better predict units sold at the SKU level globally by retailers, reducing error by 50 percent in unit forecasting.

Automated AI for Demand Forecasting

Utilizing Kin + Carta’s expertise in designing and implementing AI and predictive modeling, the project strategy for our client was to build a proof of concept using our Octain platform, which quickly aggregated years of data, filtered the labeled data for supervised learning and built the models to quickly identify factors and predictions of wait times.

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