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FWD23: Agriculture

Rewind with highlights from FWD23: Agriculture

18 May 2023

Chicago, IL

Innovation in the everyday: Using data to create efficiencies in agribusiness

At FWD23, we focused on the ways agribusiness leaders can use the power of data and AI to start generating ROI now.

We explored the challenges of an agriculture industry that has a vast harvest of numbers yet struggles to turn them into value. But we didn’t shout about big tech investments that stretch shrinking budgets. Instead, we looked at how leaders can build on what they already have—using data and AI technologies to automate, optimize, and fuel efficiencies that counteract rising costs.

We call this innovation in the everyday—solutions that are practical, predictable, and provide growth where and when you need it most.

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3:00pm - Event start

3:15pm - Hello from the CEO

Kelly Manthey, Global CEO, Kin + Carta

3:20pm - The big picture: Harvesting insights & action from data

Sona Raziabeegum, Sr Director of Global Strategy, Precision Tech - CNH Industrial

3:40pm - Everyday innovation: Using data to drive product placements and supply chain efficiency

Brandon Leander, NA Business Head, Sales Enablement - Syngenta

4:00pm - The Future of Farm Data: Monetizing Agriculture's Digital Exhaust

Alec Rowen, Software Product Leader - AGI

4:15pm - Real business, not show business. The true value of Generative AI

Nick White, Data Strategy Director, Kin + Carta

4:30pm - Panel discussion: Solving agriculture’s data tension

5:00pm - Share ideas and contacts during Happy Hour

7:00pm - Event closing

Today was a great example of how leaders across two industries can come together and shape exciting solutions to existing problems. The future of agriculture looks very different (and very bright) thanks to data and AI innovation, with new technology actively mitigating risks and solving problems.

Andrea Miller - Senior Director - Agriculture, Kin and Carta


Turn your numbers into ROI and harness the power of data and AI in agribusiness

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