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FWD23: Retail

Innovation in the Everyday: Leverage data and AI to revolutionize your retail strategy

07 June 2023

3pm PT

CANVAS - Studio and Event Space 3412 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

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We need the future now. And it just arrived

FWD23 will bring together 30+ executive-level leaders in the retail space, to explore how to simplify their complex web of experiences and unify capabilities to transform the world of retail services for tomorrow.

We’re not talking about big tech investments that stretch shrinking budgets. Instead, we’ll look at how organizations can unify the power of retail through digital experience, technology, and data. At this intersection lies a world of endless possibilities for transforming the retail experience.

Let’s build on what you already have, leveraging data and AI technologies to:

  • optimize internal processes
  • enable intelligent decision-making
  • enhance how businesses attract and retain customers
  • unify the customer experience

This is Innovation in the Everyday: practical, predictable and providing growth when you need it: right now.

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3:00pm - Registration and Networking

3:30pm - Innovation in the everyday

Kelly Manthey, Global CEO, Kin + Carta

3:40pm - Personalization: One step at a time

Megan Brown, Global Analytics and Data Science Leader, Starbucks

3:55pm - Data-Focused Presentation

4:10pm - Real business, not show business. The true value of Generative AI

Cameron Turner, VP of Data Science, Kin + Carta
Brian Browning, VP of Technology, Kin + Carta

4:25pm - Panel Discussion: The trends and technology unifying the retail experience

Himanshu Sinha, VP of Digital, Growth and E-commerce, Allbirds
Brian Walker, Chief Strategy Officer, Bloomreach
Dina Apostolou, VP of Content, Customer Experiences, Contentful
Megan Brown, Global Analytics and Data Science Leader, Starbucks

5:00pm - Happy Hour

7:00pm - Event closing


Brian Browning

Why attend?

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Hands-on innovation

Our LABS engineers will showcase how data and AI can make a real difference. A practical application of the tech that you can use in your everyday.

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Get more from your budget

Learn where tech investment can provide a shortcut to ROI, help you to confidently innovate with purpose and scale up.

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Be inspired by your peers

You will be joined by a select group of senior leaders, working together to ignite breakthrough ideas and building a valuable network.

The importance of data and AI to the future of retail is no longer in question. The question is how soon you can embrace that future. FWD23 will show you why it's sooner than you think.

Mona Champaneri - Managing Director, Experience and Product

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