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Kin + Carta Case Study - Unilever - Good Health and Wellbeing

Engaging the younger generation

  • Category: FMCG Digital Marketing

The founder of Unilever, Lord Lever, once said, “nothing can be greater than a business governed by conscience”. For over 120 years this pioneering thinking has been at the heart of everything Unilever does and is still reflected in its purpose today: to make sustainable living commonplace. How could Unilever engage the younger generation to get involved?

Instant engagement

Purchasing and using Unilever products has a positive impact by helping people achieve sustainable living and this was a key campaign message to communicate to the audience. A cross functional Youth strategy was launched and a key pillar of this was Take Action.

Kin + Carta Connect was asked to bring Take Action to life in the digital realm. The aim was to make it a tangible example of how Unilever makes the hope of a better world possible by inspiring the most influential players in social enterprise to collaborate. This helps youth turn their ‘ideas that do good’ into a scalable and successful businesses.

At the forefront of everyone’s minds was a target audience that demand to be engaged instantly, meaning the user experience, tone and visual language had to be engaging and seamless with a mobile first approach.

Kin + Carta Case Study - Unilever website

Focused on the user

To address this, a research phase helped inform key decisions such as the most visually engaging way to display the initiatives. There was a delicate balancing act between the user feeling excited about the amount of choice versus feeling overwhelmed. This was considered throughout the design and build stages, with the user experience at the heart of every decision.

Kin + Carta Case Study - Unilever Here's How You Can Take Action

The hub

A Take Action hub was created that displays the content in an innovative and engaging way, unlocking opportunities for young social entrepreneurs and creating the inclusive capitalists of tomorrow. In turn, this builds Unilever’s reputation amongst a powerful generation and future pipeline of consumers and employees. Most importantly it  makes this audience start to feel part of something, to feel empowered, get involved and take action.

Making it personal

The Take Action experience starts with a short quiz in which the user selects areas of personal interest. Logic was built into the hub, meaning a personal plan is created based on individual answers from the quiz. This is a first nod towards personalisation which is being built upon in Phase 2.

From their personal plan, users can then access the main body of the hub displaying all initiatives as opposed to just their personal action plan. Infinite scroll technology was applied to the main section so users can scan and process the information much more quickly than traditional methods of surfacing content.

The content strategy played a key part in the success of this project. Content is truly global and provides visitors with a purposeful action to take regardless of how much time they have, or where they are in the world.

Kin + Carta Case Study - Unilever

Driving traffic

The decision was taken that Take Action would be part of Unilever’s digital ecosystem and sit on this meant the hub would benefit from the 20m+ traffic a year that receives.

A linking strategy was implemented to capitalise on this, directing visitors to the Take Action hub from relevant content across the site. In addition, other channels were used such as communications from HR to potential employees to drive traffic. The Careers section on is the second biggest driver to Take Action, demonstrating that the opportunity to take part in purpose led initiatives appeals to this audience.

A wider distribution strategy included a Paid Search campaign focusing on reach and awareness, weekly Instagram posts on the Unilever Global channel promoting one of the current initiatives on the hub as well LinkedIn posts and Internal Communications to Unilever employees.

Changing the world

Take Action is delivering on its goals of making change happen and the momentum continues to grow as more and more initiatives are added to the hub. It’s changing how the world does business.

37% lower bounce rate than average
5+ pages viewed per session than
80% viewed their action plan after completing quiz

The data speaks for itself in terms of the impact that this has had. It’s great that we’ve been able to create a digital experience that excites and inspires change.

Kate Slater - Director of Digital Engagement, Unilever

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