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Combining SEO and social media to put Club Med on the map

Club Med

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The challenge of awareness

  • Category: Lodging Digital Marketing

Club Med is a French all-inclusive holiday provider with luxury resorts around the world. They had two challenges to tackle that required the combined force of Kin + Carta Connect and our sister agency Kin + Carta Edit. Brand awareness was an issue: the business was less well known in the UK compared to its homeland in France. There was also a belief that Club Med’s resorts were only located around the Mediterranean Sea when in fact it had sites in 26 countries.

Teaming up

Kin + Carta Connect was already achieving great things on Social Media for Club Med. By combining with the SEO expertise of Edit we were able to build on this strength to further raise brand awareness, enhance retention and drive traffic to the main website.

Working together, we were able to open more possibilities for making an impact across the entire customer experience.

This led to the creation of a fully data-led strategy, where our combined resources focused on the end-to-end journey. We moved from individual channel performance to collective performance. For instance, by delving into data around search performance we were able to increase search visibility which we then complemented with social communications to drive further search relevancy.

To increase rankings for the core business-driving terms, landing pages were optimised for SEO, ensuring they offered value to users and demonstrated expertise, authority and trust to search engines. Domain authority was boosted and visibility increased across brand and non-brand keywords.


Enhancing and optimising

When new formats were launched on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter we were able to advise the client on how best to use them. We looked at what competitors were doing and adjusted accordingly.

Social, web, search and comms collectively worked together to support the customer. Once web pages were optimised they were linked to blog posts and press releases, further improving performance. This was a proactive approach to SEO that had an almost immediate impact on page rankings.

Another benefit to Club Med was working with two agencies so closely tied together, sharing the same systems and offices. It resulted in more open relationships, faster turnarounds and efficient working practices. In short, the client got better results for less budget.

We’re now heading in a very good direction. The alignment of Kin + Carta Edit and Kin + Carta Connect is really working out well, we feel very confident that this data driven approach will ensure we focus on priority business areas and we will in turn achieve better business results.

Kirsty Perkins - Digital Acquisition Manager – UK, IR & Scandinavia, Club Med
Combining SEO Optimisation and Social Media to put Club Med on the map

Consolidated growth

Club Med is now experiencing greater growth in its UK market than ever before. And many more people are now aware of their resorts around the world. It demonstrates the power of the Kin + Carta Connective.

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