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Data Anomaly Reporting using Google Cloud and Google Marketing Platform

Global online ticketing business

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The challenge

Our client, a global leader in ticketing products and services, has multiple teams & third parties that can impact the quality of the live data including business critical e-commerce data. The team was often identifying data integrity issues days or even weeks after the event and by which time the data was already lost.

What did we deliver?

We started by running an interactive workshop with the primary stakeholders to isolate the key pain points and isolating a series of potential solutions. We then grouped and prioritized these based on impact & ease to create a short term & long term roadmap. This led to a focus automated alert system using their Google Cloud & Google Marketing Platforms.


  • Our client now has a flexible alerting platform that monitors 100+ data points across 10 key markets.
  • Send automated triggered emails & Slack notifications based on anomaly thresholds detected. This ensures business critical data outages can be resolved in minutes rather than weeks.
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