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Delivering Award Winning Optimization at Scale for Lexus Europe


Lexus RX

The challenge

Kin + Carta have worked with Lexus Europe since 2002. In a challenging marketplace, and with ambitious targets, in order to succeed Lexus needed to be smarter and more agile than the competition — and they needed a new data analytics strategy to help them get there.

What did we deliver?

European-wide implementation of the Google Marketing Platform suite across 44 European markets including: GA360, Google Tag Manager (GTM) implementation, data standards, training, Data Studio dashboards, Bigquery activation, and full multi-market optimization and continuous improvement program. This also included Covid-19 impact monitoring dashboards.

3 data awards won in the last 12 months
879 improvements were made across 44 countries in just 12 months
49% increase in test drive leads
4.7 out of 5.0 customer satisfaction

Kin + Carta’s work has exemplified our ‘Kaizen’ approach to continuous improvement. Using data and A/B testing, the incremental changes made, whether big or small, have always added up to real enhancements to the user experience, and profitable results for our business.

Christophe Muelemans - Digital Manager, Lexus Europe

Key takeaways

  • Best practice implementation of GA & GTM across 44 markets and ongoing 24/7 first line support
  • Established a European analytics enablement program including training, best practices and data governance
  • Award winning optimization and continuous improvement program using Google Optimize 360 delivering 879 improvements in 12 months
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