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We know that learning about a company, the work you would do within it, the people you’d call colleagues (or Kin) and the environment fostered is pretty tough to do virtually. That’s why we’re offering you some answers.

Dive in to get all of your questions answered below.

Growing and working at Kin + Carta

How do I know that Kin + Carta is a great place to work?

We offer Kin engaging work with some of the world’s most influential brands. We also pair Kin up with a People Leader to be a coach for their career, facilitate an annual performance review cycle and invest in our culture byway of an Employee Value Proposition program.

Kin + Carta is a great place to work, and experts like Great Place to Work agree with us.

More on the culture we are building

A lot of my friends and family are working from home, what’s your stance on that?

We operate hybrid-first to enhance client and team proximity. This approach not only helps us deliver top-notch service to our clients, it also fosters in-person collaboration, which boosts employee career growth through increased mentoring and training opportunities.

Our aim through hybrid-first is to offer Kin clear yet flexible guidance so that they can prioritize their work-life balance and future connections in the workplace.

What would my career path be? How could I grow here?

Working at Kin + Carta means constant exposure to diverse industries, and transformative technologies. This environment fosters rapid cross-industry and cross-functional growth. We support every Kin’s development with dedicated leadership, investment in certifications and continuous feedback.

Career paths vary as we accommodate both those who aspire to leadership roles and those who aspire to individual contributions. Once per year, however, all employees take part in a performance review process, which supports their unique growth trajectory through feedback and career growth definition.

Joining Kin + Carta

Okay, I’m sold. How can I join?

That’s great! Explore our open roles page for available positions. Take your time browsing by location and department, reviewing job descriptions and responsibilities to determine if the position is a good fit for you.

Once you find a fit, applying is simple — use your LinkedIn profile, upload your resume and provide basic info. Our Talent Acquisition team will guide you through the process. If you don't spot the perfect role, join our Tech Community on the same page.

View our open roles

Can I apply for more than one position at the same time?

Absolutely! We don’t limit applications, however, we recommend applying only to a position with minimum qualifications that best align with your experience.

I see a position listed in a different location than mine — can I apply?

We recommend applying only to positions that are open in the same country as you are, otherwise we may not be able to move forward with the process.

What's the interview process like? How long does the process take from applying to starting?

The interview process itself changes a bit according to the role you are applying for. However, we try to keep all processes straight forward and consistent.

Don't hesitate to ask our Talent team for more insight into the interview process of the role you're interviewing for — they'll be more than happy to share!

I already worked for Kin + Carta and I want to be a part of the company again. Can I apply? How?

Of course you can! We would be thrilled to have you a part of our active Kin again. Visit our open roles page and apply to the position that best fits your profile. We can’t wait to reconnect with you!

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View our open roles

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Open roles

Your next (and favorite!) position may just be on our open roles page. Check out the opportunities, and apply. We can’t wait to meet you!

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We’re building a world that works better for everyone, and that starts with how we support and invest in our Kin. Explore how we’d invest in you.


Life at Kin + Carta

We’ve got opportunities to offer you — for growth, for leadership, for big, world-changing impact and for, dare we say it, fun. Your next best move.

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