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In November 2023, Kin + Carta achieved Great Place to Work certification in every country eligible that we operate in: Argentina, Bulgaria, Colombia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Poland, the UK, and the US. It’s an achievement we’re enormously proud of. But this is only the beginning.

Why become a Great Place to Work?

We can’t do what we do without our people. They power us to be the high-performance consultancy that the world's largest enterprise companies turn to for digital transformation expertise. To fulfill our purpose of building a world that works better for everyone. And to attract, retain, and develop great people—the technologists, engineers, data experts, and many other specialists that empower Kin + Carta to thrive—we must provide a work environment where people feel they can show up as their full selves and have access to the interesting work to grow their careers.

We’ve always been committed to creating places where our Kin feel valued and heard. Our triple-bottom line consists of performance, people, and planet, and the people part of that equation is crucial. But for us, it wasn’t enough to say we’re doing a good job. Data is in our DNA. We wanted to accurately measure our progress, to build on what we were already doing, and to ensure that we truly are, and will continue to be, a great place to work.  

What’s more, we know that engaged workforces deliver more, better. The organizations that make the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for List demonstrate better market performance, better retention, and have employees who are more likely to go the extra mile. Creating a great place to work helps us ‌show up for our clients and partners, and that’s essential to our success.

Building a Great Place to Work

In 2020, we set a 5-year goal to achieve Great Place to Work certification in each of the countries where we operate‌. We chose this certification because it created a clear KPI for success—achieving a 65% or higher score on the Great Place To Work® Trust Model© across all our geographies. 

Now, just three years later, we’ve exceeded expectations and hit our goal. But it's not always been straightforward.

The world hasn’t stood still, and neither has Kin + Carta. From acquisitions and embracing hybrid-first working to an ever-shifting tech landscape, new office locations, and a refreshed brand—the only constant has been change. But our commitment to our people has never wavered, and we’ve continually sought out new ways to offer experiences that inspire and support our talented Kin.

Here are just a few of the ways we’ve evolved into a globally recognized Great Place to Work:

  • Investing in hybrid-first working by completing renovations for or opening new offices in Chicago, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Denver, Edinburgh, London, Portland, and Prishtina.
  • Launching an award-winning Employee Value Proposition program that enables meaningful and purpose-led experiences throughout an employee’s personal journey.
  • Developing affinity groups (what we call employee resource groups) centered around nurturing the diversity within our organization that makes us better.
  • Not only monitoring, but improving the process of reporting and solving for changes in pay equity and the gender pay gap to ensure parity across the business.
  • Evolving and expanding our policies to meet the needs of our people, including new Transitioning at Work and Travel for Medical Care policies.
  • Reworking global and regional communication ceremonies to ensure transparency and increased visibility of financial and business updates.

The impact of these changes has been reflected in our survey scores:

  • 88% of Kin + Carta employees agree that when you join the company you are made to feel welcome.
  • Over 90% of Kin + Carta employees agree that people at the firm are treated fairly regardless of their age, gender, disability, or race.
  • 76% of Kin + Carta employees feel that it’s consistently a great place to work.

A continuing people story

Since 2020, we’ve expanded from 7 office locations across 3 countries to 16 office locations across 9 countries. Our growing diversity has strengthened our organization, amplified innovation, and enabled us to deliver deeper expertise for our clients and partners. But a great place to work looks different for different people and across different communities. That’s why we’ve taken a nuanced approach, driving regional strategies alongside company-wide goals to reflect the diverse needs of our Kin. 

I’m so proud of where we are today and I want to thank the people across our business who have helped to bring this goal to life. Our Kin are the driving forces for everything we do, and I know that this milestone will help us continue to deliver and enable exceptional work.

But I want to be clear—this is just the start. Just like the work we do for our clients, this is one milestone in improving the experience of our employees. There is always more to achieve, more boundaries to push, and more ways we can create spaces where every voice is heard and everyone feels like they belong. I’m excited about the journey ahead and know we will have even more to celebrate in the years to come. 

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