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There's a new home for PCF/Tanzu applications - Azure Spring Apps Enterprise

Sudeep Moothedath
Azure spring apps

As organizations look to migrate applications from on-prem PCF/Tanzu platform, many options are available across all Cloud providers. Due to its unique nature, there’s one that stands apart: Azure Spring Apps Enterprise (ASA-E). Built jointly by Microsoft and VMware, it supports commercial licensing from VMware. While there are striking similarities to PCF/Tanzu, ASA-E provides several added benefits, including seamless integration with the vast Azure ecosystem. ASA-E not only matches, but also exceeds the top-notch developer experience that organizations are used to from working with PCF/Tanzu.

What makes ASA-E the new home for PCF/Tanzu applications? Let’s take a deeper look.

What is Azure Spring Apps and Enterprise Tier?

ASA is a fully managed PaaS offering, jointly developed by Microsoft and VMware. The Enterprise Tier of ASA provides commercially supported Spring Runtime and VMware Tanzu components such as:

  • Build Service
  • Application Configuration Service
  • Service Registry
  • API Gateway
  • API Portal
  • Cloud Native Buildpacks… and many more.

This allows enterprises to migrate their polyglot applications easily into ASA. While ASA-E runs on Kubernetes, it abstracts away all of the complexities of managing the underlying Kubernetes infrastructure.

Video series: 'How to migrate with ease to Azure Spring Apps Enterprise'


What makes migration from PCF/Tanzu to Azure Spring Apps Enterprise seamless and simple?

Spring Boot and Steeltoe .NET applications running on PCF/Tanzu can be migrated to ASA-E with NO code changes. Because of the similarities in the Services concept of PCF/Tanzu and the Service Connector concept of ASA-E, when moving to similar backend solutions, there are no code changes needed. For example, if you are running on MySQL or PostgreSQL in PCF/Tanzu and you are opting for Azure MySQL or Azure PostgreSQL, no code changes are required . At the same time, Azure doesn’t dictate that you migrate your backend services or databases. ASA-E offers seamless integration with on-prem backing services.

In addition to ease of migration, ASA-E eliminates the need to maintain Spring Cloud Config Server, Service Registry and Spring Cloud Gateway, since VMware-supported, commercial versions of these solutions are built into ASA-E. Spring Cloud Config Server is replaced by Application Configuration Service, which uses Kubernetes’ ConfigMap concept, but ASA-E shields developers from dealing with the complexities of ConfigMap.

Developer-friendly and cost-saving benefits of Azure Spring Apps Enterprise

On top of seamless integration with the entire Azure ecosystem, new developer-friendly and cost-saving features of ASA-E are continuously being introduced. Application Live View and Application Accelerators enable developers and organizations to improve the speed and quality of application development and production monitoring. The newly announced Consumption Plan provides cost savings by scaling down to zero instances when applications are not in use - and enabling them to scale back up when traffic starts to flow.

Get started with Azure Spring Apps Enterprise

For more information be sure to check out our Azure Spring Apps video series, where experts from Kin + Carta and Microsoft will explain and show the ease of migrating Spring Boot applications from on-prem to Azure Spring Apps with little to no code changes.
In this video series, experts from Kin + Carta and Microsoft will explain and show the ease of migrating Spring Boot applications from on-prem to Azure Spring Apps with little to no code changes. The series will also cover the automation of provisioning and deployment along with setting up Monitoring, alerting and logging using out of the box solutions from Azure. Learn more about migrating your apps to Azure Spring Apps with ease today.
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