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Celebrating responsible growth

In this article originally posted to LinkedIn, J Schwan, CEO of Kin + Carta, reflects on the firm's recently-completed fiscal year. Through mission-driven choices, Kin + Carta was able to grow by 461 new Kin in the past year.

The month of September always feels a little like a new year to me. After a long summer break, it’s as if the world starts back up again with a new outlook and a refreshed atmosphere of celebration. Students go back to school and businesses begin to operate at full-speed. It’s during September, too, that we begin a new fiscal year at Kin + Carta. This, in itself, brings the opportunity to celebrate achievements, take a step back, and look ahead toward what’s next. 

Upon reflection, what's stood out to me is the incredible amount of choice that exists in our day-to-day lives:

  • For one, the technology market is reporting a consistently strong growth outlook, and the people who will facilitate that growth are in high demand. Tech talent has a wide array of options in where they choose to work and grow their career.
  • Companies are also now having to make more, and bigger, business decisions. The environment of 2020-2021, specifically, increased the focus upon how a business chooses to operate. What feels more prevalent this year than ever before are decisions around how to best maintain a culture and not only attract and retain, but truly support your employees.

At Kin + Carta, we have been choosing to grow and to operate in a way that is grounded in our mission.

In the past year, we executed upon our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Awareness strategy. We have embedded unconscious bias education across the firm and implemented a diversity-first approach to our recruiting processes. We committed to the path of becoming a more responsible business by prioritizing the work towards global B Corp certification, consistently making decisions that best balance our people, the planet, as well as profit. Our shareholders voted with overwhelming support of this commitment, and it’s with their endorsement that we’ll be adding it into Kin + Carta’s articles of association — ingraining a ‘triple bottom line’ approach to all ways that we make decisions and do business. We have remained focused on what matters — working towards building a world that works better for everyone.

This all took choice and intention from across our global Connective, and it’s through these actions that we were able to add 461 new roles to our Kin + Carta family this past year.

461 new roles. That’s 461 Kin who are working towards building a world that works better for everyone. That blows me away, and humbles me to know that, as we grow, our mission will become ever-the-more realized. Along the way, we’ll continue to choose to do it all with responsibility and care.

Looking ahead, growth remains on the horizon.

Kin + Carta’s geographic landscape will expand. As we standardize our hybrid working model, we will empower our Kin to choose from where and how they best work. We will prioritize our ambition of being an internationally recognized best place to work — with recent honors from Fast Company and Consulting Magazine, I am confident that we are well on our way. It’ll be over this next year that Kin + Carta will become one of the first publicly traded B Corps on the London Stock Exchange.

Our footprint and impact is growing. If you’re ready to build a world that works better for everyone, we’re ready to welcome you.

Thank you to our Kin for your commitment to our mission and for continuing to choose Kin + Carta every day.

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