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Kin + Carta Launches Kin + Carta Data Labs

William Shakespeare is the most quoted writer in history. It’s estimated that he added over 2,000 new words to the English language, all commonplace today. It can be stated, under no uncertain terms, that Shakespeare fundamentally altered literature and the English language at its most essential core.

We believe what Shakespeare did for literature, data will do for business. Just like learning a new language, enterprise-wide data fluency will allow all teams to access, read, and use data to make better, faster, and fewer decisions. 

Kin + Carta Data Labs was strategically conceived as a hub of data-related innovation and expertise to be embedded into client-related consulting and engineering services.


Data transformation is the next big priority for businesses. Companies started their digital transformation journey focused on the front-end experience. Then they moved to modernizing their platforms to continue to become more digital. Now, the main focus is data. Data insights and AI-driven applications will allow leaders to make smarter business decisions and provide end-customers better user experiences.

Kelly Manthey - Group Chief Executive, Kin + Carta Americas

The majority of current data consulting solutions today involve point-in-time data science and engineering services or generalized data platforms. What sets Kin + Carta Data Labs apart will be a focus on applying a product mindset and culture to deliver ongoing, integrated, tangible solutions. 

Just as agile software development changed the way enterprises deliver digital experiences, the data-as-a-product mindset changes how we all think about data. We are focused on enterprise-wide data fluency, enabling everyone to access and apply data to make better, faster, and fewer decisions.

Cameron Turner - VP of Data Science, Kin + Carta

Kin + Carta Data Labs will launch three main pillars: Data Product Strategy & Enablement, Product Management for Data, and Data Product Delivery. These three areas represent the greatest opportunities to support the overall data transformation journey, encompassing everything from building a new data-driven digital experience to up-skilling teams.

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