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Mark Ardito

Kin + Carta Appoints Mark Ardito as New VP of Cloud Modernization

CHICAGO, IL – Today, Kin + Carta (KTC), the global digital transformation consultancy, announced the appointment of former Walgreens Boot Alliance Global VP of Cloud and HCSC VP of Digital & Cloud-Native Development Mark Ardito as its new Vice President of Cloud Modernization. Effective immediately, he will oversee the company’s cloud-native consulting strategy as well as the firm’s global modernization network.

Ardito is a seasoned technologist who brings to the role over nine years of experience leading digital transformations and cloud-native initiatives within large organizations.

At HCSC, Ardito led the firm’s US digital transformation and push for application modernization, while at Walgreens Boot Alliance, he was Global Vice President of Cloud Computing across US, Europe, and the firm’s Asia footprint, focusing on strategy, applications, and infrastructure.

We are thrilled to welcome Mark to Kin + Carta. By adding Mark to the team, we can now collectively bring more practical cloud transformation expertise to our clients. Mark’s enterprise experience combined with his pulse on the emerging cloud market and his track record in getting ROI from cloud investments allows our clients to make decisions with confidence.

Kelly Manthey - Group Chief Executive for Kin + Carta Americas

Modernization has been one of the fastest-growing divisions of Kin + Carta as clients continue to invest heavily in rewriting mission-critical applications using the latest technologies and methodologies. In late 2019, the firm introduced its latest methodology, FleXP, a balanced and blended approach to programming allowing organizations to achieve both the technical excellence and speed-to-release of Extreme Programming (XP) with the planning and predictability of Scrum.

As a leading digital consultancy, Kin + Carta has been recognized by technology partners, including Pivotal’s Agile Partner of the Year and Google Premier Partner in 2019, and is a Microsoft Silver Partner.

For the longest time the mantra for most organizations was ‘just get to the cloud. Today that journey needs to be purposeful. Kin + Carta gives me an amazing opportunity: I get to help customers modernize and start to leverage cloud-native technologies to help equip them to drive business value.

Mark Ardito - VP of Cloud Modernization at Kin + Carta.

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