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The Healthcare Disconnect

The Healthcare Disconnect: Making Personalised Healthcare Happen

Modernising Healthcare

In virtually every industry and facet of life, it’s correct to say that we live in the most connected age in human history. But as technology has set a new standard for what the integration of data, customer experiences and technology can achieve, the healthcare industry has fallen behind. We have most of the parts: better data than ever before, targeted patient support, and cutting-edge platforms. We’ve just failed to build the machine. See how we make personalised healthcare happen.


  • How the future of personalised health will open up new possibilities and use cases.
  • That health and pharma businesses that invest in personalised medicine and better integration with user experience will succeed over those that don’t.
  • That building connected, personalised medicine experiences isn’t easy, but it’s possible thanks to changes in technology.
  • That new potential use cases and efficiencies offered by patient data will allow predictive medicine to evolve. First movers will have an advantage.
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The Healthcare Disconnect: Making Personalised Healthcare Happen

GSK Virtual Patient Clinic interactive screens

GSK case study

Make personalized care happen

From UX research and design through development and delivery, we helped GSK engage and educate clinicians to make personalized care a reality.

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