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Helping a city recover from Covid

Public sector body

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Using data to drive improvement

  • Category: Data and Analytics Machine Learning

Our local government client was responsible for helping a major UK city to recover from the impact of Covid. To do this effectively data would be required and used to create the right policy positions. This data needed to be real time and also capable of being used to benchmark performance against similar cities.

Filling the data gaps

We started by getting to grips with user requirements from a wide range of stakeholders through workshops and meetings. After identifying and sourcing free, open data where available, we also identified the data gaps and source paid data where it was required.

Hosted in a cloud environment, we then built pipelines to automate data ingestion, cleansing and productionisation. This data was then integrated. We decided to use Azure Cloud as a platform to develop an automated process for retrieving, transforming and storing data. GitHub Actions allowed us to set up an automatic deployment process of code changes.

We built recovery dashboards using Power BI to present, monitor, and update on Covid recovery and rebuild taking place.

Clearer decisions

Our work brought together data from several sources using a combination of open and paid data. It provided a crucial insight into city centre performance and recovery in real-time.

Accessible to a range of stakeholders – including local government, organisations, and business – insight from dashboards drove policy and other key decisions. PowerBI visualised data and provided real-time insight on a simple to use and understand platform. This was a tool for all.

Good data in, good data out. Unlock the value of data.

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