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Transforming business banking for UK's market leader


Natwest Bankline Mobile App to Transform Business Banking

Make transformation happen

  • Category: Financial Services Mobile and Web Development

NatWest chose to partner with Kin + Carta Create to revolutionise the way it serves 31% of the UK’s business banking customers by building a brand-new app that would solidify its position as the market leader.

The result? Bankline Mobile: A 4.5-star-rated highly accessible app that unified the business and delighted customers in a fiercely competitive banking environment. Its intuitive UX and UI affords users the ability to manage their accounts and transactions safely, securely and efficiently around the clock.

Alongside Bankline Mobile, Kin + Carta Create worked collaboratively to deliver change across the bank by embedding Agile ways of working, uniting disciplines, and eliminating waste.

The start of a perfect partnership

With our experienced feet firmly planted in the financial services industry, NatWest trusted Kin + Carta Create to:

  • Quickly and efficiently set a new standard for mobile experiences at NatWest and RBS
  • Radically improve the user experience of Bankline compared to its pre-existing web platform
  • Create a culture of increased agility to facilitate continuous improvements throughout the business

We have a huge amount of experience innovating financial services

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This is a truly ground-breaking feat, having built an app with a partner externally and connected for the first time to Bankline APIs inside the Bank. Thank you all for your ongoing hard work and relentless passion & obsession for quality.

Ricardo Didonato - Head of Bankline Mobile, NatWest

UK’s first PSD2-compliant biometric payment approval solution

Replacing the card reader with biometric technology, we built the UK’s first PSD2-compliant payment solution that helps customers securely and conveniently approve multi-million-pound payments reducing user journey time for approvals by 80%.

Natwest Bankline Mobile App Natwest Bankline Mobile App development

Big thinking. Little time. Huge results.

From day one, the product vision and timescales meant that unification and collaboration were crucial to enable success for a co-located Bankline Mobile team.

A common goal, vision and ways of working forged the bond between Kin + Carta Create and our multidisciplinary co-workers at NatWest, unifying different disciplines from across the bank – from technology, change, design, product and the business.

Multiple viewpoints can make for unique challenges in a co-located team. Our self-organisation and honest collaboration between junior and senior colleagues ensured that we could focus and refocus to deliver the first beta release in just 12 weeks.

This not only minimised waste, but also maximised the impact the app had on stakeholders, other digital teams at NatWest and RBS and, of course, their customers. The team shared responsibility for quality assurance, deploying extensive testing automation and continuous integration throughout the development process.

How do we know this worked? The security team at NatWest vetted it against their global security standards and its robustness saw it through without a hitch. What’s more is that the crash-free rate remained at 99.8% from the day of its first iPhone beta release through to its first six months in the App Store.

More than 20 app updates were collaboratively built throughout 2018 before Bankline Mobile was launched to the public on iPhone in November 2018 and on Android in March 2019.

Natwest Bankline Mobile App - Kin + Carta Natwest Bankline Mobile App

A world-class intuitive and accessible customer experience

From the first question we asked to the last test we ran before the launch, we kept customers at the crux of the entire process. By collecting crucial feedback from 100 early adopters of the beta product, we were able to iteratively create a final product that truly met the needs of NatWest’s UK business banking customers.

NatWest already had a solid body of user studies and analysis to use as a foundation. Our experienced designers and developers, together with NatWest, conducted 28 user studies with 11 distinct research methods and released 20 beta updates to 1,000 pilot users.

We know we can only create something people love by involving them in the process of creating it, so our designers and developers worked to their high and established standards of accessibility with the enduser front-of-mind at all times.

Natwest Bankline Mobile App for Business Banking

What did bankline mobile achieve?

12 Weeks to launch Beta iOS app
20 updates over 12 months
4.5 star App Store rating
4.1 star Google Play Store rating
1st World first automated testing of TouchID/FaceID on iOS
1st Industry first payment approval via Touch ID/Face ID on iOS and Android

Bankline Mobile is also an award winning app

Read more about what Awards it won here

Inspiring sustainable change at NatWest

Beyond the build and launch of Bankline Mobile, Kin + Carta Create worked with NatWest to seed and embed ways of working across the bank to:

  • Pioneer a user-centred approach that is fast becoming the new norm within the bank.
  • Champion a culture of continuous improvement through eightweek prototyping sprints that inspired innovative new features and constant affordable improvements.
  • Stimulate change at NatWest by helping to establish Communities of Practice to support craft skills development and in-house capabilities.
  • Increase efficiency through Agile ways of working, encouraging new ways of looking at processes and self-organisation via coaching and workshops.
  • Expose inefficiencies throughout product development and collaborated with RBS to eliminate waste and deliver savings of tens of thousands of pounds and man-hours.
  • Facilitate better communication and collaboration across the business breaking down organisational silos.
  • Increase knowledge sharing across RBS through a series of expertled events and seminars covering topics such as the ‘Connected Organisation’, ‘Talking to Machines’, and our own strategic take on Voice UI.

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