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Maximizing patient safety and technician accuracy with state-of-the-art automated radiation testing devices

IBA Dosimetry

Health professional operating a radiation therapy device

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Complying with industry standards. Confirming radiation levels are correct. Identifying device errors. All are imperative to protecting the health and safety of patients who will be exposed to the radiation used by radiotherapy devices.

IBA Dosimetry, an international company focused on maximizing efficiency and patient safety in radiation therapy and medical imaging, collaborated with Kin + Carta to develop an advanced, user-friendly method of performing the required daily quality checks for radiotherapy devices.

At a glance

Eliminating manual testing

Automated testing processes reduce the potential for human error.

Efficient and rigorous

Faster, easier, and more precise testing of radiotherapy devices.

A global solution

More than 10,000 users around the world.

The challenge

Quality assurance is a vital piece of the daily routine of every radiation therapy center. When quality assurance fails to identify a problem, patients' lives can be at risk.

IBA Dosimetry came to us in need of software that eliminates the risk of technician error by automating testing processes, allowing for the download and manipulation of raw data, and meeting industry standards and protocols for radiotherapy devices.

Simply put, IBA needed our expertise to build the software that allows radiation teams to test and confirm devices are properly working before treating patients.

Screenshot of MyQA Proactive app

An agile solution for a multi-layered problem

Working with IBA Dosimetry’s team of medical experts, we collaborated to create radiotherapy device testing software that removes the need for a technician to manually perform calculations, is easy to maintain and operate, and is precise and reliable—all while meeting industry standards and protocols.

We continue to partner with IBA Dosimetry in our first extended-team model collaboration to support a development process governed by an agile project plan. The agile format involves daily stand-ups, three-week sprints, and thorough enterprise-level code reviews from both sides.

We also hold grooming sessions and sprint-retros to monitor that the work is timely and accurate. Quality assurance tests are regularly performed to ensure only the highest quality software is implemented.

Screenshot of MyQA Proactive app
Screenshot of MyQA Proactive app

Intuitive software for complex daily quality checks of radiotherapy devices

The result of our collaboration is myQA Daily. The myQA Daily platform easily guides radiation therapy technicians through a few steps to complete automatic daily test runs and measurements of multiple beam energies. Data is gathered from different sensors across the device, measurements are instantly analyzed, and the results are displayed in an intuitive pass/fail view.

Technicians have easy access to initiate and monitor testing through a web application and apply specific testing parameters to perform an objective risk evaluation. The software offers the flexibility of working with different vendor protocols and stores detailed logs of the testing results for auditing purposes.

Users can add other tasks to the daily test routine, such as “Door Interlock” or “Audiovisual Monitoring.”

The myQA Daily software helps achieve a higher safety level in radiation oncology, perform objective risk evaluation, strengthen compliance, and follow best practices—all while being optimized for efficiency.

5 years of cooperation
+10 team members involved
10,000 users on all continents

Together with Kin + Carta, we were able to deliver state-of-the-art medical devices with a unique user experience in a record time frame.

Executive Director - Research & Development, IBA Dosimetry

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