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Mobile App Development

A business game changer that fits in your pocket

Mobile matters. It can kickstart new services, increase revenue and help you stand out from competitors. But it's not always easy to get right. You need to be sure your product is well-built, user-focused and totally suited to your market’s needs.

With the right tools and methodologies, you can provide users with unique value, smooth usability, and exceptional performance. It’s unlikely you can achieve all of this alone. Instead, partner up with the experts who have been successfully delivering strategies, design and testing plus the web and backend services you need since the dawn of the Mobile age.

Choosing the right approach for your project

Kicking off a new project or looking to update an existing app? Weighing up the benefits of either native or cross-platform? Keen to explore improvements to your website that will make it more accessible to mobile users? The various options can be quite daunting but it’s important to choose the right technology to stand out from the crowd now and future-proof your product and codebase. Our team can help you navigate the mobile landscape and make the right decision.
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iOS and Android Native Apps

Would you like full control of your app and ensure you’re providing the best possible experience on each mobile platform? A native approach allows you to take advantage of the leading features each platform has to offer and reduces reliance on third parties.

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Cross-platform Technologies

Cross platform frameworks such as Flutter and React Native generally allow your app to be written once and deployed on multiple platforms. Recent advances in these technologies may make this approach more cost effective depending on your requirements.

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Progressive Web Apps

Do you really need a separate app at all and could you avoid the need for users to spend time downloading and installing extra software? Rapidly evolving web app technology allows your website to behave like a native app on any platform, including mobile and desktop.

Get it right from the start

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Around the world, 1 in 5 people struggle to use mobile apps due to varying abilities. We take an inclusive approach to design and development to ensure you don’t miss out on a huge segment of your audience. We believe that everyone should be able to access your app regardless of ability, circumstances or situational impairments.

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It goes without saying that a user will stop using your product if it repeatedly crashes or fails to meet their needs efficiently. Your app must be robust. It must be trusted to work when your customer needs it. We put our software through multiple layers of automated and manual testing to find and solve issues before releasing to your users.

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Mobile First

Don’t compromise by creating something that works reasonably well on both the web and as an app, but doesn’t fully satisfy anyone. Our team of dedicated mobile product designers ensure your product is designed specifically to meet the needs of mobile users above anything else.

A trusted partner

We will never match your industry knowledge but we are the experts in mobile engineering. Our unparalleled multi-sector understanding dates back to the launch of the App Store in the UK. Our team has the skills and expertise to develop and build whatever you require and surpass the current best in class. Let’s combine our expertise to create beautiful mobile experiences together. Here are some examples of what we've developed with others.
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Marks and Spencer

Take a look at how we helped M&S revolutionise the in-store experience by enabling users to beat the queues by scanning products, paying, and leaving the store in one seamless experience.

Read the case study here


Find out how we helped NatWest revolutionise the way they served their business banking customers by building a brand new, market-leading app: Bankline Mobile.

Read the case study here

Leading UK Supermarket

Read more about how we partnered with one of the UK's largest supermarkets to develop its Accessible Groceries app, making it easy for everyone to buy their products.

Read the case study here

Our unique approach to mobile app development

When it comes to mobile engineering few can claim to have the genuine, tried and tested expertise of Kin + Carta. Our track record of success provides you with the confidence to invest in mobile. Whatever the project, we’ve developed some proven principles that we will apply to everything we do for you.


We work as a seamlessly integrated part of your team to get the work done, upskilling and coaching your teams as we go.


We evaluate what your customers need and want, and use the best technology to address those needs rather than being tied to any specific stack.

Quality at speed

We use internal and industry best practices to move at a rapid pace while focusing on reliability and robustness.


We champion accessibility for all to deliver great experiences without friction.

End-to-end service

We can deliver on every aspect of your mobile journey from discovery to ongoing maintenance. One contact for all you could need.


You want outstanding. We build seriously impressive, cool, market-leading, award winning mobile apps.

We teamed up with Kin + Carta to help us deliver on our product vision in a very tight timeframe. The team worked exceptionally well within our complex organisational and technical architecture to deliver a high quality customer experience, fast. As a result, we were able to launch the Mobile Pay Go service after just 12 weeks of development.

Jim Cruickshank - Global Head of Digital Product & UX, Marks & Spencer

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