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CIO Roundtable Event

Turning data into insights

04 May 2021

4:30-6:00 PM CT


Data-as-a-Product mindset shift

As the business value of data continues to grow, CIOs must think ahead. Data Lakes, warehouses, and self-service data solutions have been the aspirational end state for many. But, data like water, can lack trust, ownership, and traceability. While data lakes will continue to exist, they are yet another “silver bullet” to solve the world’s data problems that have not managed to live up to the hype.

Embracing a Data-as-a-Product mindset democratizes data, making it owned and easier to discover, consume and trust. So what is different here? This is not a technical problem anymore. What must be solved is how we are thinking about data and organizing ourselves around it.

As business leadership starts to demand these capabilities and a “data for all” approach, what must the CIO do to pave the way and ensure that the enterprise will be able to tap the potential of enormous data? What IT systems will support the generation and flow of data in this new environment?

Discussion Highlights

Join host Mark Ardito, and guest speaker, Cameron Turner, VP of Data Science, to discuss how an organization can overcome operational and cultural challenges to realize an all-inclusive, product-focused utopia in which data can be accessed, analyzed, and reported by everyone.

What you’ll gain:

  • Understand and define the right strategy to build on existing levels of data maturity, platforms, and governance
  • Organize your people and data around a domain/product-based approach to data
  • Harness the potential energy in your data to deliver Intelligent Customer Experiences for your customers and Decision intelligence tools for your business
  • Change the way your organization thinks about data and how you are incentivized to use it

In addition, we will be sending all registrants an El Pepino Margarita or mocktail kit to enjoy during the event.

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Registration Closed

Thank you for your interest in our CIO roundtable discussion. Unfortunately, this event has now passed and registration is closed.

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