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From Storage to Story

From Storage to Story


Unlocking the power of data

We believe in creating tangible digital products powered by data to provide the intelligent experiences your customers demand and unlocking the outcomes your business needs. Liberating your data to drive growth through improved competitiveness and operational agility is one of today’s greatest opportunities.

From Storage to Story

From Storage to Story

Delivering New Value by Unlocking the Power of Data

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Faster deployments and instant results for unique value

We focus on four services through which we can help you unleash and optimize the full value of your data.

Data Platform Modernization

Legacy data platforms can no longer keep up with the variety, velocity and volumes of structured and unstructured data being created today. Cloud modernization will increase your business’ agility to quickly adapt in a rapidly shifting marketplace, respond to customer demands and build quality products by unlocking the value in your data.

Intelligent Customer Experiences

What relevant data do you have? What insights can you generate? What could you collect in the future? Explore how data can be liberated to renew excitement in familiar experiences and create entirely new opportunities for customers. The intelligent use of data must be at the core of the design and optimization of digital products if they are to effectively compete against digital natives.

Decision Intelligence

Our approach to next-generation business intelligence is focused on injecting the right information into the problem at the right time, or more accurately, at critical moments of truth. By connecting design thinking with modern data platforms, we create digital products that help turn information into better, faster and fewer decisions at any scale.

Data-Driven Product Management

Collect, measure and analyze customer engagement data in order to drive insights and paint the full picture of your customers, identify the characteristics of your power users and quickly drive new users to exhibit these same behaviors. This 360-degree view of your customer will allow you to continually optimize their digital experiences to meet their unique desires, needs and preferences.

JLA Case Study

JLA case study

Make agility happen

JLA was facing a shifting market disrupted by new technology-enabled business models. We determined and designed the necessary changes required to its data architecture and technology infrastructure in order to achieve organizational agility and help them become a digital enterprise.

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From Storage to Story: Delivering New Value by Unlocking the Power of Data.

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