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Kin + Carta Connect

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Kin + Carta Connect

Combining data, market-leading platforms and experience design, we turn customer relationships into sustainable brand growth.

Forget disruption, true success comes through joined up thinking. We focus on three main areas where the power of connection can lead to enduring brand growth.

Data to Technology

Data is the most valuable asset of any business. It’s also the most underutilized. We focus on personalization, efficiency and agile decision making so data leads to more intelligent platforms.

People to brand experiences

Across any channel, medium or moment - we keep your customers engaged in connected, sustainable customer experiences that change opinions and are built to last.

Businesses to value

Turn your data and technology into revenue. We deliver sustainable growth in the sweet spot between organizational change, technical execution and measurable performance.

Luxury comes down to the details, digital included. Looking to create a captivating, service-led web experience, Lexus partnered with Kin + Carta to launch a new website, designed to be as beautiful, performance-driven, and remarkable as the cars it sells.

Driven by a new global commitment to sustainable business practices, Unilever looked to Kin + Carta to bring its Take Action platform into the digital realm.

The English Football League chose Kin + Carta to create a solution to power their entire web experience. In 9 months, we delivered a flexible platform for 58 teams, trained 183 people and solidifed a new growth engine for EFL.

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