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AI experience workshop

AI-powered personalization for the enterprise

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Unlock personalized experiences 

A modern data platform can fuel many transformational outcomes, with one of the biggest drivers of data modernization being the personalization of customer experiences; it’s key to boosting customer loyalty, driving up sales through cross-sell, and acquiring new customers.

Yet many organizations, in industries like Financial Services, Retail and Healthcare, don’t have modern data platforms with which to support this critical capability. Personalization is simply not achievable unless data is in order— and this is becoming even more relevant as GenAI matures.

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Schedule a no-cost, discovery call with one of our Kin + Carta experts. We're are ready to help you assess your organization’s readiness to deliver intelligent, personalized experiences. In just half an hour, we’ll discuss your priorities and see if our structured approach is a fit for your organization.

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Overview of engagement

During your discovery call, we'll engage in a detailed discussion designed to assess your current environment. Through this process, we'll collaboratively determine whether our tailored workshop is the optimal pathway to translate your visionary concepts into tangible value.

Our AI-Powered Personalized Experiences Workshop leverages the robust capabilities of Microsoft's Azure platform, the innovative solutions of Optimizely's Opal AI, and Kin + Carta's seasoned strategic and technical proficiency. Together, we create an ecosystem primed for the realization of personalization and business transformation.

While each workshop is meticulously customized to suit the unique requirements of your organization, here's a glimpse of the overarching approach:

AI experience workshop

Workshop outcomes

Our workshop will equip you with an actionable plan to develop experiences that convert customers, make employees more persuasive and efficient, and deliver measurable uplift across numerous use cases.

  1. Understand the ingredients required from a People, Technology and Data perspective - with use case demonstrators and live demos that can better inform stakeholders and inspire ideation on your own use cases
  2. Prioritize the most impactful use cases to help gain the buy-in of your organization
  3. Demonstrate the impact to value with a “thin slice” example against your highest value use case

And, while personalization is a key value driver for data modernization, there are many other use cases to consider:

  • Improve operational efficiency via automation and AI
  • Optimize costs through intelligent forecasting
  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Enhance & automate decision-making
  • Consume AI that exists in the stack today

Let’s talk AI-powered personalization

Schedule your discovery call today

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