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Lift revenue and lifetime value with AI-powered search experiences

Vertex AI Search for Retail | Exploratory Call

The challenge

The retail search experience can be an exercise in frustration for many consumers. Most search solutions today are static in nature and lack the functionality to understand user intent and context - and negatively impacts brand loyalty and causes significant revenue losses for retailers.

In fact, Google’s latest research findings underscore just how important the search bar is to customers and why retailers need to step up their game:

  • $2 trillion is lost each year from search abandonment globally
  • 78% of consumers view a brand differently and 82% avoid websites after experiencing search difficulties
  • 9 in 10 consumers say a good search function is very important or absolutely essential

How do you provide consumers with a Google-quality search experience?

Transform sub-optimal search into a rapid, data-driven approach to product discovery

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Our solution

A complimentary 30-minute Vertex AI Search for Retail exploratory call

Retail search technology is changing fast, and Google is leading the way with Vertex AI Search for Retail. Combined with Quantum Metric’s insight and monitoring platform, brands are empowered to deliver rapid, data-driven product discovery.

Kin + Carta, an award-winning Google Partner for Retail Digital Growth and a Quantum Metric technology partner, is here to help you assess the potential and ROI of this next-generation search solution with our 3-step evaluation and application approach. In just a few weeks, our team can ingest your product catalog and events data, then evaluate our solution against your existing search experience to determine its potential impact on your business.

About our Vertex AI Search for Retail Evaluation

Our tailored, 3-step evaluation and application approach is designed to help you rapidly transform sub-optimal search into a data-driven approach to product discovery with minimal cost.

Phases the Evaluation and Application Approach

How your organization will benefit:

  1. Identify potential areas of opportunity for your organization to leverage a data-driven approach to search.
  2. Learn how Vertex AI Search for Retail can deliver query understanding and results relevancy that will delight your customers and drive performance metrics for your business.
  3. Learn how Quantum Metric captures user behavior insights and uses machine intelligence to help you understand how customers find your products, where they get stuck, and how their product discovery journeys lead to revenue and lifetime value.
  4. Learn about Kin + Carta’s professional services, proven retail vertical expertise, search engineering, optimization and extensive managed services capabilities.

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