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Separate fact from fiction and learn about our Generative AI Opportunity Assessment

Generative AI 30-minute Discovery Call

Generative AI is the hottest topic of conversation amongst business leaders today. While it promises to boost efficiency, spread expertise, improve the customer experience and deliver many other benefits - how do you separate the hype from the true value assistive generative technology can bring to your organization?

Are you ready to get started?

Before you embark on your AI journey, it’s important to consider issues like these:

  • Do you have AI-ready data foundations and governance in place?
  • Are your people and processes ready to support new ways of working?
  • What AI safety, ethics and guardrails do you need?
  • How do you determine the viability and value of projects?
  • How do you align AI initiatives with your broader data strategy?

Learn how to use Generative AI for maximum business impact

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Our approach

A no-cost, 30-minute Generative AI discovery call

In just half an hour, we’ll answer your questions about Generative AI and help you separate fact from fiction. Together, we’ll determine if our Generative AI Opportunity Assessment - outlined below - is a practical way to explore what’s possible for your organization.

Our Generative AI Opportunity Assessment is designed to help you accelerate towards your automation goals and gain an understanding of how to use generative AI in a safe, effective way. Here’s how this collaborative two-week engagement is structured:

Generative AI Assessment - Steps


  • Generative AI assessment specific to your organization
  • Executive data strategic opportunity recommendations and roadmap tied to business KPIs
  • Fully estimated Proof of Value (POV) for your highest value application recommendation

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Use cases

GenApps on Google Cloud understands and generates natural language for a variety of use cases based on text or dialogue, while taking into account these key considerations:

  • Maintaining control of your data
  • Using safe, explainable, state-of-the-art AI models
  • Integrating with existing apps and platforms


- Personalize shopping experiences with intuitive conversational agents and custom content
- Predict consumer behavior with next-best-action feedback for transactional guidance
- Optimize pricing and inventory management with forecasting against rich historic trends


- Precision crop planning using historical harvest data to guide recommendations
- Supply chain optimization using rich historical data to improve efficiency and margins
- Farmer decisioning tools to bridge gaps in practices and research for continuous innovation

Healthcare & Life Sciences Payer

- Contact center infobot to resolve high-volume healthcare benefits inquiries
- Automated workflows for information retrieval and recurring healthcare process
- Patient 360 insights to align outcomes with healthcare consumer segments

Questions about how to get started with Generative AI?

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